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15 Tips For BigCommerce Store Design: Simple Steps

15 Design Tips for Your BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce is a digital platform that allows your brand to create, manage, and design their ecommerce store in a simple way. It is user-friendly, customer-centric, and provides complete support to its customers. Optimizing the design of a BigCommerce store requires certain steps to be followed. That’s why many businesses hire BigCommerce experts to customize the theme, template, and overall design of their BigCommerce website.

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the ways to optimize the design of a BigCommerce store.

Tips for BigCommerce Web Design

Here are the best ways to design your BigCommerce store, by following the mentioned steps.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Make your store mobile-friendly. Begin by selecting a responsive BigCommerce theme that has all of the necessary features such as mega menus, product reviews, filtering options, and more.

You can easily ensure that photos scale appropriately on small displays. Use BigCommerce's built-in tools to enable mobile purchasing and add appropriate payment choices to your business.

2. Keep Brand Consistency

Make sure to add your branding aspects to your BigCommerce store to distinguish it from the competition. Your logo, theme, and other features that remain consistent across your website should be visible to your consumers.

You may use your core brand colors to bring consistency to components such as buttons, navigation menus, and links. You may develop confidence in your clients by keeping your brand aspects constant across your web store.

3. Clear and Tidy Pages

Every aspect of your BigCommerce shop, from product photos to navigation menus, influences how users interact with your website. To improve the overall experience of your potential consumers, you should focus on keeping these pages clean and organized.

When customers visit your website, they should be able to distinguish between items, product kinds, and so on. It should not be disorganized or cluttered. Each product item must have some breathing area around it. Use a structure, mark the product descriptions accurately, and keep the total page to a minimum of goods.

4. Product and customer feedback

More than two-thirds of internet customers rely on user reviews before purchasing a product. They can assist you in increasing conversion rates and driving more sales.

It has been demonstrated that including customer feedback may increase conversion rates by more than 5%. They should also be able to browse product reviews by just clicking on any of the products. When users buy the goods, they should be able to see the product description, price, photos, and other information.

They are not required to browse the product pages. So, include a fast view function that allows for an expanded image and the ability to add the goods to the basket right away.

5. Simple to use Menus

Menus are an important component of any website. They assist customers in navigating your website's pages. So, in your BigCommerce store, concentrate on providing an easy-to-use navigation structure.

Too many links in the main menu are unappealing. Choose a drop-down menu that allows you to add more connections to your product categories. To make it easier to navigate your website, you can also utilize a fly-out menu that shows when you hover over it.

Choose a BigCommerce theme that has pre-built menus and improves the buying experience for your potential consumers.

6. Insert High-Quality Images

Customers may only opt to buy things without touching them, like they would in a physical store, by looking at product photographs. These should be high-quality images with no blur to illustrate how the product genuinely looks. Don't ruin the impression by including low-quality photographs. Create a gallery with product photographs from various perspectives and display them on your website.

7. Contact and check out websites that are simple to use

The slow and unpleasing checkout procedure is one of the main causes of a greater cart abandonment rate. BigCommerce, fortunately, includes a built-in one-page checkout that helps increase your conversion rates. You may streamline the process by allowing them to sign out as visitors as well.

Consumers need to be capable of readily locating the various solutions they seek. For example, if customers have queries regarding your goods or ways to pay, they should be able to simply access your contact information and contact you.

8. Shipping and Purchase Options

The Add to Cart or Buy Now widgets are critical components of any BigCommerce business. It should be noticeable and distinct from the other pieces.

Create this button with care, using a contrasting color to make it stand out. It should be large enough for your buyers to click without squeezing or zooming. Shipping expenses are another element that contributes to greater cart abandonment rates.

Display them solely at the beginning rather than at the conclusion. Customers should be able to view the final price of the goods, including delivery expenses.

9. Simple Sorting Options

Consumers must be allowed to sort through your items based on a variety of parameters. This is a time-saving feature that will enhance your buyers' entire buying experience.

The quickest approach to discovering the needed items and saving time is to easily filter through the product pages. Some BigCommerce themes provide product filtering features that enhance the overall look of the shop.

10. Add a search bar

Customers come to your ecommerce store with a certain product in mind. No matter how great your home page or landing page is, customers are unlikely to spend time on it.

Their goal is to swiftly locate the product they are searching for and review the specifics. If they can't locate it, they will go somewhere else. So, if they don't want to jump from one product category to the next, don't leave them in the navigation menu. Make a prominent search bar available on your BigCommerce website.

11. Effective Product Organization

Organize products logically into proper categories. Use clear headings and subheadings to create a lasting impression. A well-organized store layout helps customers navigate effortlessly, finding what they need without frustration.

12. Speedy Load Times

Optimize your website for fast loading times. The loading speed of any ecommerce website matters a lot. Large images, excessive plugins, and complex coding can slow down your site. Ensure your BigCommerce store loads swiftly on both desktop and mobile devices. For BigCommerce website speed optimization, you can rely on the “Website Speedy” tool as it is one of the best tools to boost ecommerce website speed.

13. Transparent Return Policy

A transparent return policy is a must. Consumers must feel safe while ordering products from your service. It is important that consumers know how they have to return or exchange the product.

14. Efficient Customer Support

It is essential that you provide efficient customer support to your consumers through multiple online channels. Offer live chat, email support, or a helpline. It is crucial that you provide instant support to the user query and their problems. Make your consumer feel at home.

15. Prominent Call-to-Action Buttons

Use clear and compelling call-to-action buttons for your BigCommerce store. It can be “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart,” or “Learn More,” these buttons should stand out. Contrasting colors and concise text help guide customers through the purchasing process.

Implementing these tips in your BigCommerce web design ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, increasing your chances of sales and customer loyalty.


Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the ways to optimize your website design. Additionally, you can also hire a BigCommerce web design company such as MakkPress Technologies that helps brands design their ecommerce stores with the theme and requirements businesses ask for.

By designing and customizing your BigCommerce website, you can easily boost your business sales and revenue.


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