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Amazon Account Management Services

Establishing your online presence on one of the largest online marketplaces is challenging. It needs you to understand the platform and how you can align your business with the platform. Moreover, maintaining a healthy Seller Account in the Amazon Marketplace is a must to scale your business. You don't want to spend your time on tax issues that will affect your operations' flow, which means wasted potential revenue.

That is why you need experts to assist you with setting up an amazon store for you. If you are looking to manage your inventory and your Amazon orders like a pro, choose our Amazon marketplace management services. We have expertise and knowledge in working on building a business presence on Amazon successfully. From optimizing your product catalogs, creating product listings, extending customer support, processing orders to increase your reach, and accelerating time to market, we will help you every step of your way! Our years of experience will assure you that all processes that we execute comply with the Amazon guidelines.

Our team at Makkpress will provide you with a comprehensive approach to Amazon support handling, optimizing the customer service experience, and protecting your seller account's health in all aspects. We adopt a done-for-you management approach to ensure your Amazon account is running smoothly and your sales are growing. The expert team of Makkpress handles everything from paid advertising to organic marketing campaigns to operations management, including brand protection.

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We are one of the oldest shopify partners and Experts, We have been working with shopify since 2012

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Clutch, an online client review guide of the leading IT, marketing, and business services companies, has listed us as one of the Leading Ecommerce Developers.


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70% retention over 8 years

We are proud of your trust - with over 50 plus well Known Ecommerce brands growing with us for 3 plus years.


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Amazon Account Setup

If you want to set up an FBA store or create a seller or a vendor central account, we can help you with it. Not just a customized store, but our experts, specialized in Amazon store setup, can also help you with account-related activities such as brand registry, managing case logs, product classification, sponsored ads, inventory and order management, etc.

Creating Amazon Product Listings

Our team will create accurate Amazon product listings for you. The product listings will be optimized to boost search engine visibility. In addition, we make sure that the listings consist of all essential information using Inventory File Templates.

Updating Live Amazon Product Listings

As a part of our Amazon marketplace management services, we will update live product listings on Amazon. Each update will ensure that the listings and the URLs are optimized as well as adhering to Amazon guidelines

Amazon Analytics and Insights

To constantly improve your ranking on Amazon and sell your products efficiently, we use Amazon analytics. With the help of the insights, we can make the necessary changes to help you grow your business.

Amazon Vendor Central Services

Our team will help you with efficient vendor central account management. We will help you track orders, monitor the inventory, and access Amazon Retail Analytics, PPC campaign management, and feedback management. Moreover, our dedicated team will ensure that you can utilize the benefits of a vendor central account on Amazon.

Establish Your Brand Presence With Our Amazon Marketplace Management Services

Guidance For Seller Central Account Setup

Issues concerning your seller account will never be a problem with us at the helm. We'll resolve them immediately and guide you through all the difficulties of registering your account.

Listing Optimization With Targeted Keywords

In optimizing your product pages, we maximize keyword rankings. Our SEO proficiency allows us to efficiently utilize them for increasing and maintaining your pages' conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Ranking

Boosting your organic rankings will never be a problem when you count on our expertise. We know how important keywords are to improving your brand's visibility on Amazon. That's why we make it a point to use only the most profitable ones for your product, including long-tail, high-volume keywords unknown to your competitors.

Enhanced Brand Content For Better Conversion

Allow us to improve your listing's conversion rate by highlighting your product's benefits with Enhanced Brand Content. We'll provide keyword-indexed compelling copies that elaborate further on the advantages your product offers. These will be presented in a strategic layout with captivating images that perfectly complement the targeted descriptions.

All-around Product Listing Management

We handle all processes involving your product listings, from placing them in their specific category down to adding specific details like SKU, content, search terms, attributes, and more. Additionally, we also take charge of doing bulk and parent-child listings for your products on Amazon and other details that contribute towards winning the buy box through Seller Central.

Well-planned Product Launch

Launch your private label the right way by taking advantage of our product launch services. With us at the helm, you can look forward to a strategically planned and executed launch that elicits favorable customer feedback. We use effective marketing techniques and combine these with adequate brand-protective measures that keep your content safe from hijackers and counterfeiters in the Amazon Marketplace.

Brand Registry & Protection

Registering your brand on Amazon is an extensive procedure requiring concentrated effort and time. In partnering with our account management team, expect that we'll manage each process diligently and take charge of submitting your documents. We'll protect your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Learn More About Our Amazon Seller Account Management Services


  • Analyze Products & Opportunities

  • Set Goals

  • Customize Action Plan


  • Set Competitive Price Points

  • Generate keywords & Optimize Listings

  • Utilize or Improve High ROI Ads


  • Assess New Marketplaces

  • Manage Your Reviews

  • Refine Pricing Strategies as Required

Our Proprietary Management Steps to Grow Your Amazon Sales

It is not easy to increase sales on Amazon while also running and developing your business. That's where Makkpress comes in. We optimize your content, systems, and advertising. As a consequence, your sales will grow, and you can get back to developing your business. Here are the steps we follow to help you grow your business sales.

Scale your Amazon business

Getting an Amazon account manager to help scale your business is easy. We will set the stage to support you as you grow your business on Amazon. Our team of experienced Amazon consultants will guide your store towards success.

Maximize Your potential revenue

Selling on Amazon has its challenges and roadblocks. Makkpress provides you with strategies and management services to boost your conversion rate and maximize revenue.

Get Comprehensive support

If you need Amazon support, look no further. Our skilled team of knowledgeable Amazon sellers and consultants is happy to advise you on finding the best solutions.

Why Choose Our Services?

As the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon opens sellers to a wealth of opportunities for starting and developing a thriving business. With its vast customer base, you'll always have an opportunity to get a huge profit from selling your products. However, given the strict guidelines and standards of the marketplace, your account's strategic management is a must.

For this purpose, you can always rely on the professional services of Makkpress. With us, your business is always in the best hands. We provide comprehensive management services focused on optimizing your operations. Our advanced tactics and customized approach are tailored to maximize your potential while accounting for the details on Amazon. Partner with us & get the following benefits!

Amazon Account Management can help you further your brand online while focusing on your core business. Hiring Amazon experts like Makkpress can provide you with strategic insights to scale up your Amazon online business presence, generating more revenues.

What is Amazon Account Management & Why is it important?

Amazon marketplace management services typically consist of A+ content services, product listings, order processing, vendor central account management, and tracking analytics.

What are some services under amazon marketplace management?

Hiring an Amazon agency is the best way to make sure your business goals are reached. Makkpress has a team of experts in various fields who can help you with anything from reaching new customers to increasing sales and decreasing costs for production time spent on marketing material - all while maximizing your ROI.

Should I Hire an Amazon Agency for my Business?

Sub-users offer a way to give third-party teams limited access and control over your Amazon Account in order to protect it from being compromised. This prevents any one person or team from having full unrestricted permissions, thus ensuring the security of both yourself as well as other users who depend on this account for their own business success.

What is Sub-user Access on Amazon, and How can it Help You?


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Firesoft People

Erin Evans

5 star

The project has driven traffic to the sites and increased sales. MakkPress Technologies team is enthusiastic and responds quickly to ongoing changes throughout the project. Overall, their effectiveness and strong management team made them a supportive partner

Sam Gavriel Fine Jewelry

Svetlana Gurgov

The MakkPress Team is by far the best company I have dealt with.  Never have to wait for a reply.  Top notch customer service, always prompt to give some extra value and service. Always available to help no matter what my request is about

5 star

Giant Teddy

Ray Khosravi

Highly recommended for building from scratch or at scale. MakkPress Technologies fulfilled every request required by the project. Would use him again for a future project. Team is quick to respond to our comments and communicated well with us and helped our project complete successfully. Great work

5 star

Tenergy Power


Meet all the criteria requirements of this Project. Had some things missed on the first deliverable, but quick feedback got them all fixed on the second email


Alexander Miller

Makkpress has great shopify resources. Quick to respond and quite good work. We've worked on several template modifications for our shopify theme and will be back for more in the future. Thanks!


Bilal Mashhedi

The project has been extremely successful and satisfied all project requirements. The MakkPress Technologies team was collaborative and worked closely with their client to develop the final product

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