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Frequently Asked Questions 

At MakkPress, we do not work as vendors but as partners in your growth. Whether you are planning to begin your eCommerce venture or already have a fully established web store, we will provide the best solutions to help you grow your revenue

How can MakkPress Technologies help me?

MakkPress Technologies is a premier partner with Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shift4Shop, WIX, and Volusion. We have years of experience in building websites on these platforms and other platforms like WordPress/WooCommerce, Squarespace, Magento, Laravel, Codeignitor, and many more. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you discuss the project with one of our Web Solution Managers, we will recommend you the best platform for your requirements and needs

Which platforms do you work with, recommend and why?

The design and development process takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the project scope. We let you know the estimated time with the quote for the job. The most dominant reason for a delay in delivery is waiting for the client’s feedback, content or any other response request by us. Your timely response immensely helps in speeding the process

How long will it take for the design and development of my website?

In most cases, it is not necessary to have a meeting. A majority of our projects are managed via email and text messages. However, we prefer to have an initial video call session to know you better and establish a sense of trust and understanding

Once we create the design for your website, we place it on the development server URL where only you and we can view it. Throughout the project’s execution, we regularly connect with you to update the status of the project or to answer any query

Is it mandatory to have a meeting in connection with the website design project?

All the websites we create are search engine friendly. We always execute the website designing process with search engines in our mind. We pay due emphasis on Google’s guidelines and best practices

Will my website design be ‘search engine’ friendly?

No, we always disclose all the related expenses and charges as per the agreement. We charge extra only when the scope of the work extends beyond the agreement, that too after informing you about the additional cost

Are there hidden charges with the Website Design Services?

We have a global reach with clients in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, and many more countries. We are located in New Delhi, India and our experts are available on Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype. If you use different tools to communicate, we can work on that as well. This is to ensure our clients feel comfortable while interacting with us!

Where is your professional team located and when can I contact them?

When you partner with us, you get a dedicated account manager. You can communicate all your project’s requirements and get regular updates on your project from them. You can connect with them in whichever way you find comfortable- e-mail, phone or chat

Whom do I contact once my project is underway?

We make sure to keep our clients informed about all the aspects of project execution. Whether it is keeping you updated about the latest development in your project or seeking your feedback on our regular reports, we keep you in the loop at all stages

As a client how do I know how my project is shaping up?

After the completion of your designing project, everything that we have created for your website belongs to you only. We do not resell or misuse the work we have done for your website. We give you the right to fully own the code and design that we have created for you

After project completion who owns the site’s copyright?

MakkPress Technologies believes in helping customers and hence gives them a chance to cancel the contract. We put our best foot forward to surpass your expectations, but if you do not want to continue with us due to any reason, you are free to cancel the next phase of the project when it hasn’t yet started

What is your Cancellation and Refund policy?

We make sure that no confidential information about your company or project doesn’t get into unauthorized hands. Once your project gets completed, we transfer all the code to you. If you still want to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), feel free to send it to us. We will go through the terms and conditions and get back to you. We also have our version of the confidentiality agreement in case you don’t have one

Will You Sign Our NDA – Confidentiality Agreement?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • ACH Transfer

  • Wire Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • PayPal

How can I pay?

Before the commencement of the project, we sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) contract that lists down- the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, pricing, complaint handling mechanism, and delivery schedule of the project

Which service level agreements do you offer?

We support the code and customizations we create for 30 days (for fixed costs or projects over $1,000). During this time, we correct any error found after the completion of your project – as long as this code has not been tampered with by you or any other developer

Any error or issue found after the end of the support period can be addressed by our team if you have our hourly support agreement. You can avail of our support and retainer service by contacting our sales department

How long will you support your work?

There are a number of ways to update your website. As experts, we suggest the method that would be the best for you

If you have a small website with a smaller number of pages, we usually identify these changes and suggest them to you. Not only this, we provide you with an online content management system through which you can update products/pages/content of your website without working with code

Our suggestions are based on how much data there is at present. You can choose from our recommendations or discuss with us if you have any other lines of thought

Are there still any questions left unanswered in your mind? Do feel free to drop us a line at –

Can I update my website?
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