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Speed matters and a faster website can contribute to the rise of your conversion rates. In fact, a one second delay can cost you up to 7% of conversions. Imagine what additional 5 seconds of load time will do. Don’t let your business suffer, speed up your website today.


Page load time is a very important search engine ranking factor. A faster website leads to a higher rank in the search engine results, which will, in return, attract more potential customers. This means that having an optimized website is a must.


Slow website can make the potential customer lose interest. Having a fast website will ensure a good customer experience and increase the chances of users visiting other pages on your site.


Why Your Website

Should be Fast?

Fill in the form on the top of this page, call or email us, and a Shopify Expert will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to understand your requirement.

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Our Shopify experts will get on a call with you via phone, zoom or google meet to discuss your requirements in detail and provide you the tailored solutions. The next step would be to provide you a solution by email to discuss with your team to move forward.

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Project Details


You will be provided with the detailed scope of work, Timeline and terms of payment. We will explain this scope and terms in detail over a call to you and your team so everyone is on the same page.


Scope & Terms


Once the contract is signed and upfront payment is made, We schedule a kick-off meeting to introduce the Project manager and team lead. The Project is started.

Hiring &

Kickoff Meeting


Your Project manager will be your single point of contact to provide you with regular updates and resolve any issue. As a result, updates are completed quickly, and any additional requirement is handled fast. In addition, QA and testing are done to assure quality.


Management & Updates


Once the peed optimization along with all tasks is completed as per your satisfaction, we deliver the work; all source code is transferred to your Shopify account and server as per project specifications. We offer at least 30 days of free support for work delivered. In addition, paid maintenance packages are offered for continued support.


Support and Maintenance



How To Avail Shopify Website Speed Optimization Service?

Our customer-oriented Hiring Process provides transparent pricing, quality work and regular updates to the Store owners. Communication is the key to any successful project and we make sure you never waste time in the fast-moving business world.

- Ron Flint - Mitercraft

Our much needed upgrade project was successful, completed on time and on budget. We definitely recommend MakkPress Technologies for any improvements needed on your Shopify site. We will hire them again soon for other upgrades!

- Expert Brand

Greatly appreciated the professionalism and organizational aptitude presented when working with this team, especially on our limited budget. Would recommend them for any related task - will do business again! Thank you

The drafts were executed fast and reliably, and the team was extremely proactive in offering advice and recommendations to ensure the process ran smoothly. We highly recommend their services!

- She Rebel

MAKK Press just finished creating a website for my new women's fitness wear business - She Rebel Fitwear.  The store went live 2 days ago and it seems to be functioning well.  The quality of the website design is really impressive.  The MAKK Press Team and Aakash Kumar, Web Solution Manager, worked diligently to create a visually stunning website that exceeded all of my stylistic expectations.  They were also very patient and understanding, and willing to problem solve any technical/functionality issues when the need arose.  Aakash always went above and beyond in solving any technical issues or other challenges, as did his team.  Overall, I am a very happy client.

- Vara Safety

Suraj and his team were incredible! They were extremely responsive, performed an amazing job on our product website redesign, and followed up to make sure everything was working perfectly. I will definitely be working more with this team in the future


Clients Compliments That Make Us Work Harder


Billed- In Milestones

Scope- Defined before Project is started

Pricing-  Starting at $500


Billed- Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Scope- As per client requirements,no defined scope needed

Pricing- Starting at $35 per hours


Billed- Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly

Scope- Pre defined before start

Pricing- Starting at $300 per month


Pricing Models & Plans For
Shopify Website Speed Optimization

Rose Frankcomb

Great communication with W3speedup and they did a great job to help me fix my Shopify.


Rose Frankcomb

Great communication with W3speedup and they did a great job to help me fix my Shopify.


Rose Frankcomb

Great communication with W3speedup and they did a great job to help me fix my Shopify.


Rose Frankcomb

Great communication with W3speedup and they did a great job to help me fix my Shopify.


Rose Frankcomb

Great communication with W3speedup and they did a great job to help me fix my Shopify.


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ECommerce Optimization

Speed is incredibly important for online stores because customers browse through different products. We will improve their experience by increasing speed, without affecting checkout and cart pages. They will definitely want to come to revisit your ultra-fast working store.

Minifying Resources

We will reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the site load faster. We will also make JavaScript files load later, to save on initial load time of your pages. However, its all about balance, your site needs to remain stable after the minification. We never compromise stability for speed.

Caching and CDN

We can also set up browser caching plugins for you that will speed up the site for revisiting users. And a CDN (Content Delivery Network) will make your site faster by reducing the geographical distance your content has to travel, which will result in better speeds.

Image Optimization

We can do lossless image compression. Your images will retain quality, but their size is going to reduce significantly. Furthermore, we can set up “lazy load” images. As your users scroll down, images will load, which will improve page speed. It will also save bandwidth, storage space and decrease the costs of running your site.

Plugin Inspection

Plugins make Shopify websites unique, but too often, people install them without needing them. Or, even worse, they install plugins from untrusted sources. We will inspect every plugin you have on your website, deleting what is unnecessary. If we find something faulty or outdated, we will suggest better alternatives. All of that will result in better speeds but also reduced total site size.

Our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services

We will need collaborator access, which we will send you a request for after you book our services.

What login information will you need from me?

a. Our team of experts will thoroughly check your website theme and fix all the speed issues.

b. Upon completion of the task you will get a detailed report with details on before and after score improvement.

What is the process of speed optimization?

Yes, our team is professional, and we take every step to ensure your website and data security.

Can I trust MakkPress technologies for my website and data security?

We will optimize your whole website code and fix the speed on Home Page, Collection Pages, Product Pages, CMS pages.

What pages of my Shopify store will you speed up?

Yes, your website’s mobile speed will be improved, and we follow the Google speed optimization guideline to improve that for you.

Will the speed also boost Mobile Speed?

a. The essential speed optimization process can take 5-7 working days, and there will be no downtime on your website on 90% of themes.

b. The Core Web Vitals optimization can take another 5 to 7 working days and can only be done once the main essential issues are resolved. You can take this as an additional service.

How long will the speed optimization process take?

The Core Web Vitals package is an add-on to our Essential package as we have to thoroughly evaluate and fix any issues before we can even address Core Web Vitals.

I only need Core Web Vitals. Can I just get that package?

a. Only if you make some major changes to the website or install a new app that affects your website’s main features.

b. Like periodic maintenance of your vehicle, your website also needs to be optimized at least every year if you add content, products, apps, or make other changes.

Will I need optimization services again?

Yes, we offer two weeks of free support after speed optimization

Will you provide support after speed optimization?

Every popular speed insight tool will vary your speed score and loading time every time you check. It is because the loading time and page speed score depend on a variety of factors, including server response time and third-party resources such as ads or tracking snippets. The best way to determine the page speed is to run the test 3 times and then take the average.

Why does my website page speed vary every time I check it?

Please fill up your requirements in the contact us form or chat with us now!

I have questions not listed here.


Avail Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Nobody likes a slow website. 43% of users lose their patience and leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Our Shopify Speed Optimization Services can help you solve slow site problems, fix Core Web Vitals issues, score higher in Google PageSpeed Insights, troubleshoot slow loading issues, minify code, remove redundant code & much more.

Avail our Shopify speed optimization service to improve user experience that will ultimately result in high conversion rates. We are a valued partner to several businesses. A brief of our Expertise-

  • Experience in building Custom, Unique designs, and Custom app development integrations

  • Successfully built over 4000 websites

  • Certified Shopify Partner since 2016

  • Leading development team recognized by Clutch

Certified Shopify Partner Agency since 2016

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  • Complete security with IP address

  • Over 10 years of experience

  • Maintain the high development standards

  • On-time and quality delivery

  • Absolute transparency and proper communication

  • Secure infrastructure

  • Complete control over the project

  • Transparent Process

Our Shopify experts are trained to work using the latest trends and technologies, that delivers high-performance, robust free and scalable services to ensure that your eCommerce website business proceeds to grow with a futuristic approach.

Benefits Of Hiring Us:

What All You Get In Shopify Speed Optimization Service?

  • Full Shopify Theme Backup Before Commencement

  • Nextgen Image Optimization & Lazy Loading

  • Code optimization and minification

  • Redundant code removal

  • HTTPS Implementation (if required)

  • Cloudflare CDN Setup

  • Google Tag Manager Implementation

  • Optimization Steps That Boost Speed, SEO & Reliability

  • Cloudflare APO Edge Caching Implementation

  • Google PSI Review & Core Web Vitals Optimization

  • Sitewide Test Of Page Sizes

  • Upfront Audit & Consult Call Before Commencement

  • Basic SEO Review & Advice