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WordPress for Enterprises

Are you an enterprise looking for a scalable WordPress Cloud Enterprise Services? MakkPress with an experienced team of WordPress Certified developers, a portfolio, and successful Enterprise websites we have built is the right partner for you.

WordPress for Startups

Are you a startup looking to turn your idea into a working Ecommerce website or to enhance your existing WordPress store with new features. We have the expertise and right work ethic to deliver work as per your vision. We have the right attention and process to help you.

WordPress for Business (B2B/B2C)

Are you a small business looking to expand your reach with your own local Ecommerce store? WordPress is best suitable for your requirements. We at MakkPress had a strong work portfolio in delivering successful small business WordPress solutions.


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for Ecommerce Solutions

Fill in the form on the top of this page, call or email us and a WordPress solutions expert will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to understand your requirement.

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Our WordPress Solutions expert will get on a call with you via phone, Zoom or Google meet to discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with the tailored solutions. The next step would be to provide you with a solution on email which you can discuss with your team to move forward.

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Project Details


You will be provided with the detailed scope of work, timeline, and terms of payment. We will explain this scope and terms in detail over a call to you and your team so everyone is on the same page.


Scope & Terms


Once the contract is signed and upfront payment is made, We schedule a kick-off meeting where you are introduced to the Project manager and team lead. The Project is started.

Hiring &

Kickoff Meeting


Your Project manager will be your single point of contact to provide you with regular updates and resolve any issue. Updates are completed quickly and any additional requirement is handled fast. Through QA and testing is done to assure Quality.


Management & Updates


Once the Website is ready and all tasks are completed as per your satisfaction, we deliver the work, all source code is transferred to your WordPress account and server as per project specifications. We offer at least 30 days free support for work delivered. Paid maintenance packages are offered for continued support.


Support and Maintenance



How To Hire WordPress Experts ?

Our Customer oriented Hiring Process provides transparent pricing, Quality work and regular updates to the Store owners. Communication is the key to any successful project and we make sure you never waste time in the fast moving business world.

Easy to Use

WordPress is one the most famous content management systems worldwide. The best feature of WordPress is that you are not required to have any technical knowledge of coding to run your website. Therefore, it is efficient and easy to use WordPress.

Improved Website Performance and High Security

Decrease the chances of your site to be hacked with the built-in data theft protection provided by WordPress. Customers entrust you with their most sensitive information so do not make them regret that decision and conduct the migration to WordPress.

Faster Performance

A faster website means an increase in conversion and sales rates. WordPress with its regular updates makes sure that customers experience a smooth user interface on your website. That is one of many reasons to Migrate HTML Website to WordPress.

Supports Extensions with Advanced Features

WordPress allows your Ecommerce website to extend functionality by adding customized themes and plugins to your website. Moreover, you can integrate third-party apps to enhance the user experience and generate more traffic.

Excellent Support System

Get the community support of WordPress at any time. That means the longer you use the outdated version the longer you’ll have to face the problems and solutions to which will become impossible to find.

Responsive User-Friendly Interface

WordPress provides its stores with a more convenient user interface which makes customers proceed with the purchase faster. Thus, the probability of them completing the checkout is higher and the amount of incomplete order is more likely to shorten.

Allows Customization

WordPress facilitates rich features, along with customization of stores according to the needs of your customers. You can integrate various advanced plugins and themes to provide your customers with a user-friendly experience.

Why Migrate To WordPress?

We want you to start thinking about the benefits of the upgrades. The quicker, the better.


Billed- In Milestones

Scope- Defined before Project is started

Pricing-  Starting at $500


Billed- Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Scope- As per client requirements,no defined scope needed

Pricing- Starting at $35 per hours


Billed- Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly

Scope- Pre defined before start

Pricing- Starting at $300 per month


Pricing Models & Plans To
Hire WordPress Development Experts