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10 Interesting Features Of GA4 That Might Shock You

Features Of GA4

With the latest advancement of Google Analytics 4, Google Analytics is not much preferred by big companies as it doesn't provide many details and insights on website performance and activity. Google Analytics 4 services monitor your store's performance and provide complete info about it. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the basics of Google Analytics 4, its benefits and why switching to it is necessary in 2024.

What Is Google Analytics 4 Or GA4? 

Google Analytics 4 is a website analytics tool that details how users interact with your site, their actions, and engagement. This data is essential for your brand in numerous ways, helping you increase sales and business growth. GA4 is an advanced version of its present Universal Analytics. It provides event-based tracking details and more precise actions of consumers; it's not limited to tracking user behaviour. It's more about understanding visitor actions and interactions. 

GA4 is used for multiple things. Whether you are an SEO professional, designer, marketing head, or developer, it provides in-depth details that you will need in the future of your business. It's a way to better serve your consumers by knowing everything about them. 

Why Use Google Analytics 4? 

Here, you will learn the reason for using Google Analytics 4 and opting for GA4 consulting services.

Live Data Monitoring

The most valuable feature of GA4 is that it provides real-time data analytics. This means you can know about your consumer behaviour and buying patterns in real-time. The best part is, imagine you are running a shopping campaign with offers online; GA4 will provide details about how consumer scrolling through your site, which products they like the most, means their whole buying pattern. With such data, you can make changes to the campaign and customize it to user preferences. With this, you can easily identify the upcoming challenges and fix them instantly. 

Cross-Platform Tracking

In the previous form of Google Analytics, data was only accessed by one device detail at a time, but with GA4, you can connect multiple devices in one place and get information. This cross-platform tracking facility makes it easy for you to collect data for your campaign from different platforms at the same time, making the process quick and feasible. 

Attribution Model

Google Analytics 4 has a new feature named attribution modelling that assigns credit for the conversion to different ads, clicks and steps in the user buying process to completing an action. GA4 uses a data-driven approach that calculates the credit based on particular conversion data. It provides more precise insights into the effectiveness of different campaign channels and their return on investments. 

Advance Metrics

Unlike Universal Analytics, which provides information about bounce rate and user leaving percentage, it offers details on how much time users have spent on your site page. Additionally, it celebrates first-step conversion when users view two pages of your site or stay on for over 10 seconds. Consequently, metrics of site scrolling, website search, visual interaction, file downloads, etc., help you know accurately how users engage with your website and its content. 

Targeting Specific Groups

In Universal Analytics, data segments can only be created based on events and time. But with Google Analytics, you can precisely focus on user interaction without making divisions based on device or platform, which helps target specific groups for marketing purposes. Additionally, adding time to segments provides insights into how users interact with your site during each sales funnel. 

Provide More Flexibility

With GA4 you can create custom report for the data you need, in this way you don't have to get confused with the previously created files and data. It improves the efficiency by enabling you to find the data fast and helps in taking informed decisions about the brand. Additionally, allow you to arrange your store dashboard properly removing the unclutteredness. 

AI-Driven Analytics and Forecasts

GA4 utilizes the efficiency of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the competence of the data you will get. It provides you with more dynamic information and foresight that is essential for optimizing the brand marketing efforts with data-driven decision-making. AI features assess the pattern and trends in your site data and provide instant insights on it to inform you about the actions you need to take. In this way, you can focus on targeting your most important consumers first. 

Security The First Priority

Privacy is the main focus of any brand, GA4 is made to provide high level of security while maintaining the brand anonymity. In terms of security GA4 is advance version of Universal Analtyic, it follow the data project regulations and ensure your site remains compliant with laws. 

Audience Triggers

GA4 audience trigger feature is not provided by any other tool; it makes it easy for brands to customize their audiences based on user behaviour and actions. You can set up these triggers only for your branding campaign, and when users perform a specific action that you have already set as a certain campaign, some notifications, content or offers will be provided to them. This enhances user interaction and provides them with more personalized content for exploration. 

Efficient Goal Tracking

Setting up events and tracking website goals is now easier with Google's new "Event Editing and Synthesis" feature. This means you can manage events without needing to change a lot of code. At MakkPress Technologies, we have dedicated resources, but we don't want to bother them every time we need to track something new on our website, like application forms or checkouts. GA4 automatically handles many actions like clicks, scrolls, and transactions, saving time compared to older versions of Google Analytics.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the importance of GA4 migration and why its better than its predecessor version Universal/Google Analytics. Additionally, we discussed the top features and benefits added into it that are essential for any eCommerce brand. 

In addition, for a smooth migration to GA4, you take Google Analytics 4 services from MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing agency specializing in migrating stores to GA4 by upgrading the performance. MakkPress Technologies has over 13 years of experience in the eCommerce marketplace, making it a reliable choice for brands liek yours.