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11 Reasons to Choose OpenCart

11 Reasons to Choose OpenCart

OpenCart is a free eCommerce system. You can get it and change it without paying. It's made with PHP and uses a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. There are many HTML parts in it. You don't have to pay every month to use it. It's good at managing stores. You can do SEO, handle customers, products, coupons, taxes, and orders. You can also add special themes and features to your store. 

There's help from the community for free. There's also a paid version called CloudStore. It's in the cloud, and you pay about $33 every month. But if you need more help, you might have to pay $199 each month. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each one is for different sizes of businesses. Hire an OpenCart expert to choose the best plan for your store. 

Thus, in this blog, we will explore the usage of OpenCart and why its being trending in eCommerce marketplace. 

What OpenCart Used For?

OpenCart helps make online stores easy. It's simple to use and set up. You can sell and buy things easily. It's good for small businesses because it's not expensive. You can add things to it to make it better. Even if you are not good with technology, you can use OpenCart. It helps you make your store look nice. OpenCart works for big stores, too. It can handle a lot of things at once. If you need help, there are people who can help you. They have a lot of information online. OpenCart is good for making online stores.

Thus, we will discuss further the reasons for choosing to build a store on it. 

Benefits Of Using OpenCart

Here are the advantages of choosing OpenCart over other eCommerce platforms for your online business. 

Affordable Online Store Management

OpenCart doesn't cost money, but running a store online can still mean spending cash on things like hosting and fees. Yet, compared to other ways of selling online, OpenCart is cheap.

Easy Shop Management

Even if you are not good with technical stuff, OpenCart is easy to use. You can watch sales, handle orders, and add things to your shop without much trouble. There's lots of help online if you need it.


You can make your store look just how you want with OpenCart. Pick from lots of different designs or make your own. Hire OpenCart virtual assistants can help you too with store design. Plus, you can add more cool stuff to your shop with special bits you can download.

Mobile-Friendly Shopping

Having a website that works well on phones and tablets is super important for online shops. Lots of people use their phones to browse the internet. If your website doesn't work well on phones, you could lose customers. Search engines like Google like sites that work well on phones. 

So, if your store is good on phones, it might show up higher in Google searches. When your site is easy to use on any device, people are more likely to stay longer and buy stuff. OpenCart Cloud makes sure your online store looks good and works smoothly on phones. That means more customers and happier shoppers.

Enhancing Your Shop

OpenCart Cloud has lots of themes and extras. Themes make your shop look different, while extras add new things. This helps your online shop look and work better. Choosing themes and extras is easy on OpenCart Cloud. Making your shop unique is very important in online shops. It helps people know your brand. It also makes shopping easier for your customers. In a busy market, being different is good. 

As your shop grows, you can change it to fit better. This makes your shop more successful. OpenCart has a big marketplace for themes and extras. Both premium and free ones are available there. It's a good place to find things to make your shop better. You can get extras for payments, shipping, marketing, and more.

Global Selling Made

With OpenCart, you can sell products worldwide. OpenCart helps you use many languages on your online shop. You can change product names and descriptions easily. Even if your business is small, OpenCart helps you go global without much work.

Efficient Shop Handling

OpenCart helps you handle your shop better. It's simple to set up and manage your own store. You can add new items easily with lots of options in the marketplace. There's almost everything for every kind of business. You can also connect with social media, eBay, or Amazon to boost your sales.

Flexible Shipping Options

You can choose how you want to send things. OpenCart has ways to send products that many other online shops use. You can use your country's post. It also works with FedEx, UPS, and more. This helps you send things to your customers quickly and in a way that suits how you work.

Seamless Integration

Opencart is easy to connect with other services like hosting and online marketing. For example, you can link your store with other eCommerce hosting for better marketing. You can also manage your data on your own, making store management easier. With Opencart, you can watch your store's performance in real-time. This helps you fix any issues quickly and make your store better. Plus, you can manage everything from one place, saving time when answering customer questions.

Multi-Store Management

You can use one platform to handle lots of stores. This platform helps save and bring back data to keep all stored information safe. It uses passwords and other safety steps to protect stores. These steps help prevent losing data and limit who can see it.

User-Friendly Shopping Experience

This special shopping software helps customers find things they want easily. It lets users make filters, just like categories. Filters make it easy for customers to find items they like. This shopping software also lets you sell in different languages and currencies. It's good for selling things to people everywhere.

There's also a dashboard for people who run the store. This dashboard shows important information about sales and customers. You can also control who can do what in your store. And you can manage many stores in one place.