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18 Benefits Of Choosing Shopify

Updated: 4 days ago

Benefits Of Choosing Shopify

Shopify is an extensive online store helper. It has all you want for your shop. It keeps your shop safe. You can make many pages with an online editor. It helps you sell in different spots with local language help. Over 500,000 shops in 175 lands use it. It's great for people who want an easy online shop. Many like Shopify because it's the best.

Shopify provides your store with multiple advantages that will benefit your website in different ways. So, if you are a startup or an established store owner and looking for the best eCommerce platform to build your business, we have got you covered. Also, Shopify migration service helps businesses to migrate and build digital stores on Shopify and helps to know all the pros and cons of the platform. 

So, in this blog, we will explore the reasons for choosing Shopify over other e-commerce platforms. 

Reasons For Choosing Shopify As Your E-commerce Platform? 

Easy To Operate: 

Shopify is simple to use. The easy-to-understand system helps store owners quickly learn and run their stores smoothly. If you've used Magento or WordPress, you'll appreciate Shopify's simplicity. It's less complicated, making it easier for everyone to grasp and operate.

Reliable Hosting Solution: 

Starting an online business can be tough with web hosting. Setting up a shopping cart needs time and tech skills, which new businesses lack. But with Shopify, it's easier. It's in the cloud, so no worries about servers or databases. Access your store from anywhere with the internet and login details. Plus, it helps with payment gateways, making things smooth and easy for you. Perfect for startups with limited time and tech know-how.

Speedy Platform:

For a successful online store, speed is important. Faster web pages mean more sales. Shopify, a good platform, is fast and secure. It keeps your customers and their payments safe. It works well with payment providers. Shopify has a speed checker too. This helps users finish payments quickly. So, choose Shopify for a fast and secure online shop. Apart from that, Shopify speed optimization agencies or tools boost your site loading speed by modifying the code. Website Speedy is known for the Shopify speed optimization tool. 

Complete Protection:

With Shopify plans, your online store gets strong features and stays safe. It uses secure Shopify Servers with unlimited data, making it safe and steady. Shopify protects against hacking and instability issues, having a team for defense and making updates rarely cause problems. 

Multiple Payment Options Integration: 

Shopify makes it simple to use different payment options. You can connect easily with various payment providers, not just PayPal. Stripe and PaymentCloud are two examples. Plus, you can link up with trendy "buy now, pay later" apps such as Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay. This gives customers more choices when they buy things from your online store.

Website Builder And CMS:

Shopify is a tool for making websites. It's easy to use and helps build websites. It's also like a boss for managing website stuff. With Shopify, you decide how your website looks, where things go, and what words are there. It's good for making and running your website smoothly.

Advance SEO: 

Shopify online stores are great for getting found on the internet. They are made to be easily seen by search engines, so people can discover them easily. You can use different words that match what people are searching for. This helps your online shop show up when folks look for things related to what you sell. It's a handy feature for making your store more visible and attracting customers. Also, SEO auditing services help in improving Shopify's site ranking on different search engines. 

Shopify Apps:

Shopify is a great platform for online shops, surrounded by many useful apps. People love it because these apps offer everything they need for their stores. For dropshipping, Oberlo is a top app that works well. It helps with product research, inventory, customization, and tracking orders. Another app, Shopify Wholesale, allows selling in bulk. Apps for marketing, customer service, sales, management, and SEO can boost your business. 


Shopify helps make your website, but sometimes the designs may not be what you like. That's when you can customize or edit. Shopify makes it simple with a tool to change themes and templates without needing special skills. All themes allow editing, so you can make your website look and feel just how you want it.

Multi-Channel Selling:

With Shopify, you can sell your stuff everywhere and reach more customers. It's not just about having a website. Shopify lets you connect your store to big marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. You only pay for one platform but can sell on many. Plus, you can easily use social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where lots of people are. Shopify makes it all simple and swift to do.

Looks Nice:

The online store looks nice. It has many different and cool designs that make it easy to create a unique and good-looking store. There's a simple starting design, but designers and developers can make it special with a great user interface and excellent user experience.

Mobile Friendly:

Having a mobile-friendly online store is super important. More and more people buy stuff on their phones, so it's a big deal. Shopify themes make it easy because they work well on mobiles. Your store looks good on phones and tablets. Plus, there are free apps for iPhone and Android to help you run your store smoothly. 

Customize Themes:

Shopify provides thousands of themes for your website. With over 100 free and many more premium options, picking the perfect theme may seem tough. Each theme has its own style and layout, offering versatility for various needs. Despite their uniqueness, all themes share two key features: page elements (like body, footer, header, and menu navigation) and page types (such as product, search, contact, custom, customer, home, blog, cart, collection, and collection list).

Customer Assistance:

Shopify understands that facing problems with technology is normal. That's why they have set up a team to assist users whenever they need help. They offer 24/7 support through email, live chat, and hotlines for different regions. Shopify has a community where users help each other, and there's a FAQs section for quick solutions. So, whenever you're stuck, help is just a message or click away.

Low Set Up Cost:

Starting a business with Shopify is cost-effective. The monthly fees are low, beginning at $29. During the 14-day free trial, you can explore its features. Afterward, choose a plan - $29, $79, or $299 per month. All plans include SSL and web hosting for security. For your domain without "Shopify" in the URL, add $14 yearly. Basic plans allow two users, but offer unlimited product and storage space. It's a budget-friendly way to launch your online store.

Support Multiple Store Type:

If you have a physical store, sell online, or deal in digital products, Shopify is perfect for you. Set up your account, tell Shopify what you're selling, and add your products. Choose an easy payment method, and your online store is good to go. Remember, Shopify doesn't allow selling some things like adult content, medicines, event tickets, pyramid schemes, or video games. Follow the rules and succeed with Shopify. 

Abandonment Cart Recovery:

If someone visits your store and puts something in their cart but leaves without buying it, that happens a lot. Shopify helps with this by sending emails to remind them to finish buying. This can make more money for your store.

Support Multiple Languages:

Sell your stuff worldwide with Shopify's language help. People like reading in their language, and Shopify lets you do that. You can change your online shop into many languages using plugins. Just turn on multiple languages in your Shopify admin to make special URLs for each language. When people visit those URLs, your shop will show them the translations if you have them. 


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of Shopify and why you should pick Shopify over other eCommerce platforms. Now, to build or migrate your store to Shopify, you can utilize the expertise of Shopify migration services like MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing agency that helps brands build their digital shops on Shopify and all the other platforms. 

With MakkPress Technologies, you can enhance the reach, growth, SEO, loading speed, design, and other crucial elements of your digital business. So, break all the rules and commit to boosting your business presence.


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