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6 Essential Squarespace SEO Tips to Boost Your Website's Visibility

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

 Essential Squarespace SEO Tips to Boost Website's Visibility

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it involves actions you can take as a website owner to help search engines like Google crawl, index, and understand your web content. The goal is to show your content to the right audience based on their search intent. One should take help from a Squarespace seo expert for tips for creating quality content; the focus will be on actions you can take to improve the visibility of your content for search engines.

Although, Squarespace does not have an official plugin library or approved app store like WordPress or Shopify. However, some third-party developers have created products marketed as Squarespace plugins. It's important to note that SEO plugins like Yoast or SEOSpace are only effective if you enter relevant keywords and make the necessary edits to improve your content.

There are some essential tips to keep in mind while performing the SEO of your Squarespace website. SEO is about creating quality content and paying attention to detail, regardless of the platform you're using. This blog posts about those important tips to know while doing SEO, and one can also take from an expert if they need help.

Here Are 6 Essential Tips to Boost Website Visibility -

1. Conduct Proper Keyword Research To Create High-Quality Content -

Conducting keyword research is a crucial step in SEO for your Squarespace website or any website. And, To ensure that search engines index your website properly, it is important to identify the primary or "focus" keyword for each page. If you have a large amount of content and have yet to conduct any keyword research, don't worry. Therefore, you can begin by focusing on your highest-priority pages or those that impact your business goals most.

To simplify the process, create a spreadsheet with the following columns for each page on your website:


- Focus keyword

- Page title

- Meta description

2. Optimize Your Title Tags -

Each page on your website has a title tag that communicates to search engines and users what the page is about. And, ensure that your title tag incorporates your main keyword. Also, the method for modifying the title tag in Squarespace varies slightly depending on whether you are editing the homepage, a regular page, a blog post, or a product. As a business owner, if you need to learn how to optimize your title tags or how to perform the SEO of your ecommerce store, then you should hire a Squarespace SEO expert.

3. Optimize Your Meta Description Tags -

Ensuring all pages have a strong meta description is just as important as having a strong title tag. The meta description is a brief text that search engines may display below the page title and URL in search results. Also, one should write customized meta descriptions as they heavily influence whether a user clicks on your website. Include your focus keyword in the meta description and provide a preview of the value users can expect from the page if they click through. Therefore, Squarespace provides the same interface for adding meta descriptions as SEO titles.

4. Optimize URLs -

Squarespace allows you to create clean and concise URLs for your pages, blog posts, and products. Including your focus keyword in the URL is important to improve search engine visibility and attract users to the search engine results page. Follow these tips when creating URLs:

1. Keep URLs short.

2. Separate words with hyphens, not spaces or underscores.

3. The URL doesn't have to be an exact match to the page title.

To create a custom and optimized URL for a Squarespace page, click the gear icon to access the settings menu. In the "General" section, enter the desired URL in the "URL slug" field. One should enter only the last part of the URL structure.

For a custom URL for a Squarespace blog post, open the post settings and go to the Options tab to edit the Post URL.

To modify a product URL slug, use the Marketing settings window mentioned in Step 2 for the SEO title.

5. Use heading Tags to Structure Content -

Following optimizing titles, meta descriptions, and URLs, we can now shift our focus to the content within your website's pages. And, organizing the content using a hierarchical heading-level structure helps search engines and visitors understand the information. Also, each page must have a single Heading 1 tag, which should include your main keyword (usually the title at the top). Subsequently, utilize Heading 2 headings to divide the content into sections, and if needed, employ Heading 3 headings within those sections.

6. Set Alt Text for the Images -

When you add images to your Squarespace website, set "alt text" for each image during the upload process. Also, this saves time and avoids the need to go back and edit later. Adding alt text has three important benefits:

1. Alt text allows screen readers to describe each image for visually impaired users.

2. Search engine crawlers can understand the value an image adds to a page by providing an alt text.

3. If an image fails to load, the alt text will be displayed instead.

Conclusion -

We have successfully made things easier by assisting you with a virtual assistant. At MakkPress, we have a Squarespace virtual assistant to take care of your business needs and what your online store requires so you don't have to.

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