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Why to Choose BigCommerce & How To Create Store On It?

Why to Choose BigCommerce & How To Create Store On It

BigCommerce is a digital platform that helps brands in creating their online store. BigCommerce is famous for providing miserable features and has the capability to boost the ranking of your online store. BigCommerce is designed to provide a base for millions of brands who want to start and create an online shop. After creating your store on BigCommerce, you have to start with the process of designing and customizing it. But the work is not over with; you have to market it on different platforms such as social media and more.

Creating a store consists of multiple steps and procedures. You might feel it complicated to do this all on your own, so you can hire a custom BigCommerce development company. But before this, you need to know the process of crafting a well-performing store. Thus, in this blog, we will introduce you to the process of creating and developing a store on the BigCommerce platform.

Process of Creating Online Store On BigCommerce

Here, we will explore the way to create the store and design it according to the latest market standard.

Define Your Goals:

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want to achieve with your BigCommerce store. Define your target audience, products, and business objectives. By defining your business objectives, you ensure that everyone knows their work and what is expected from them.

Sign Up:

The next step is to create an account on BigCommerce. Go to their website, sign up, and choose a suitable plan based on your business needs. BigCommerce platform offers multiple plans for different brands based on their niche, business size and purpose.

Choose a Template:

Browse through BigCommerce's template library. Pick a design that matches your brand identity and appeals to your customers. It is a way of designing your brand in the way you want. You can customize it as per new market trends and your business specifications. Choose themes and templates that are not heavy in size because heavy templates slow down the website's loading speed.

Customize Your Design:

Personalize the chosen template. Customize the colors, fonts, and layout to match your brand's identity and style. Ensure the design is user-friendly and mobile-responsive. By designing the website according to the user's perspective, you will ensure that everything will be in your brand's favor and visitors will start liking your website.

Set Up Products:

Add your products to the store. Make sure to provide the names of the products, detailed descriptions, their prices, and high-quality images. By adding products, ensure that every detail you have mentioned is correct and you want to show it to your visitor. Organize products into relevant categories. Add videos and images of the services you provide.

Configure Payment Gateways:

Integrate payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. Ensure secure payment processing for your customers. While you integrate multiple payment options, ensure that each is well known and optimized. Consumers must feel safe while adding their card details and more.

Set Up Shipping:

Configure shipping options. Define regions you ship to, shipping rates, and delivery methods. Consider factors like weight and location. By adding all these details, you provide your consumers with an enhanced experience, as they don't struggle to find the details. Thus, it is important to provide exceptional shipping experience.

Configure Taxes:

Establish the tax rates by considering both your business location and your customer's location. Ensure compliance with local tax laws. The tax must be valid for the location. It ensures that your business is running ethically.

Add Essential Pages:

Create important pages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, and FAQs. Provide comprehensive and accurate information. By creating multiple pages, your consumers will be able to know where they have to buy and see the products.

Implement Security Measures:

Enable SSL certification to ensure a secure connection. Regularly update passwords and install security plugins. Security measures are important to provide your consumers with data safety and safeguard their details.

Optimize for SEO:

Use relevant keywords in product descriptions and meta tags. Create unique and descriptive URLs. Optimize images and improve site speed. Now, you have to customize your store with SEO. It is not an easy task to do; you have to take care of many things, such as on-page SEO, off-page, and technical aspects. SEO involves multiple activities that you have to do to improve your website performance.

Test Your Store:

Thoroughly test your store's functionality. Check product pages, payment processing, and overall user experience. Now, you have to test the functionality of everything and all the elements, such as designing, link opting, payment options, speed, and more. After that, fix all the issues you face while testing your BigCommerce store.

Launch Your Store:

Once you are confident everything works smoothly, launch your BigCommerce store. Make it live for customers to access. While launching your eCommerce store, you must be careful about everything and each step. Avoid any mistakes at this stage.

Create Marketing Strategies:

Plan marketing campaigns. Use social media, email marketing, and SEO to attract visitors. Consider discounts or promotions. There are multiple marketing techniques, but you have to choose one out of many. Select trending advertising techniques such as influencer advertising, WhatsApp, and more.

Monitor Analytics:

Utilize BigCommerce's analytics tools. Track visitor behavior, sales trends, and popular products. Additionally, get help from tools like Website Speedy to know the performance of your store and where it's lacking in functionality. Adjust your strategies based on the insights you get.

Provide Excellent Customer Support:

Offer instant and helpful customer support. Respond to inquiries and resolve issues to ensure customer satisfaction. By providing continuous customer support, you will provide your visitors with a way to get everything they need. Fix these issues and provide consumer services through multiple channels.

Gather Feedback:

Encourage customers to leave feedback. Use their comments to enhance your products and services. By knowing their personal perspective, you will enhance your business performance. Additionally, it helps to know where things are going wrong and how you can improve them.

Regular Updates:

Keep your store updated with new products, content, and promotions. Regularly check for and apply platform updates. By updating your BigCommerce store, you will get the benefit of experiencing advanced features and functionality. Update all the components and apps you have added to your store.

Expand Your Reach:

Consider integrating with social media platforms or marketplaces. Explore options like Facebook Shop integration to widen your customer base. Additionally, you can get help from other plugins and applications to get enough customer attention. Additionally, there are multiple other ways to promote business in front of customers.

Stay Compliant:

Regularly review and comply with legal requirements, such as GDPR for data protection. Stay informed about changing laws affecting online businesses. Staying updated with everything is necessary.

Thus, this is the process of crafting an online store on BigCommerce. By following the steps, you will finally do it without encountering any issues.


In this blog, we have explained the importance of the BigCommerce platform and why it is gaining popularity. Afterward, we move toward the necessity of an online store to expand brand recognition and reach a wider audience. Also, we explained the procedure of creating a store on the BigCommerce platform.

By taking reference from it, you will establish a well developed and performing store. Now, you can also opt for a BigCommerce web design company like MakkPress Technologies, a well known agency that provides complete solutions to all kinds of ecommerce stores.


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