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How To Create Customize BigCommerce Site

How To Create Customize BigCommerce Site

BigCommerce is the leading and most trusted eCommerce solution. Its SaaS and API integration makes it faster and quicker for your brand to serve your customers seamlessly. BigCommerce offers numerous advantages to your brand, including omnichannel integration, multi-platform selling, and many others. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will go through the advantages of custom BigCommerce development and how to create a custom BigCommerce site. 

How Custom BigCommerce Development Is Different? 

Here, we will explore the advantages of developing a customized eCommerce site for your brand. 

User Experience

All sites try to get instant user engagement, but only a few of them are capable of getting that. Do you know why? Because they prioritize serving their tailored consumers first. When you design your site in a way that is primarily made and integrated according to our buyers, it will make them stay and influence them to finish the purchase. Thus, custom BigCommerce development allows you to design, customize, and market your website in a way that directly correlates to visitors. Imagine a food-selling brand showing visitors' favorite or most ordered food on the top, which will engage them to explore similar ones and stay longer on the site. Thus, a customized UI makes a longer impression on consumers. 

More Features

Imagine you have opened a new digital store, and you want to provide them a gift card on every signup or purchase; for this, you have to make a record of who visits your store the first time and who's next. Thus, with custom BigCommerce development, you can quickly add a gift card management system to manage the frequency of consumer visits. Apart from that, if you want to provide any tailored features to your consumers that are not available in your current platform or subscription, it's possible with custom BigCommerce development. 


Ecommerce solutions don't offer granular control over your brand and SEO. Thus, custom development ensures you can enhance your brand SEO efforts by creating a targeted strategy. For instance, you have a clothing brand, and you want to show the detailing of the product in detail, which means in the form of a Schema Markup for better search engine optimization. It's not possible with a standard solution; you have to customize your site to optimize the efforts. 

Third-party Integration

To perform a certain or specialized task in your store requires the integration of third-party apps for different purposes. For example, you have an online grocery store, and you want to provide them with points when reaching a specific amount. Thus, you will need to add a third-party app to manage this task. BigCommerce custom development allows you to monitor and integrate the app easily. Additionally, the user will be able to get points directly for their activity or earn points from the eCommerce platform. 

Enhanced Performance

There are multiple elements that affect your site performance, such as speed, UI, responsiveness, and SEO. If any of the elements are not well optimized, it will affect your performance. For instance, your site has too many large or moving images, and when the user opens the site, it takes too long to load, which will impact your sales and conversions. Thus, with custom BigCommerce site development, you can have good command over all the elements, and for their betterment, you can use the Website Speedy tool very effectively for faster loading speed and fixing render-blocking issues. This increases conversion and enhances performance. 


As your business grows, you have to make sure that there is extra space for inventory handling and other things. With custom BigCommerce development, this can be done more efficiently; you can make changes in your store and add extra thongs to it. For instance, if your brand is getting the highest sales of the year, you have to increase inventory handling and consumer management. Customized store creation can be done quickly, as it provides feasibility for managing your growing brand. 


BigCommerce is already designed with high security to protect consumer's sensitive data. But if you want to add extra layer of security to your site for any reason it can be done with custom development. For instance you are running an cybersecurity providing agency where details of each person needs to be confidential, consequently you were needing to add advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect their information. 

These are the benefits of creating a custom BigCommerce store. Now. Move further toward the process of creating it. 

How To Create A Custom BigCommerce Store? 

Strategically creating a BigCommerce store can bring numerous benefits to your business. So, create one for you with us. 

Understand Business Activities

First, we thoroughly explore your business model to understand what you can and cannot do. It's important to know exactly what your customers desire and expect from their online shopping experience. Based on this, a BigCommerce store designer designs your website to meet those expectations.

Customizing UI

Create an easy-to-use website design. A user-friendly interface simplifies online shopping and navigating your site, making buying straightforward. This fast connection between users and products reduces frustration and boosts sales. The system for managing website content should also be simple for the people who use it to handle it.

Add Features

Add special features, like custom settings or payment options, to your platform. These extras make your online shop more unique and appealing, encouraging customers to buy more. You might need specific software development for these eCommerce functions.

Check Quality and Efficiency

This step involves checking the content carefully, testing how well the store works under a lot of use, and making sure it meets security requirements. It's almost the last thing we do to ensure everything is top-notch.

Time to Launch

Launch your website now. After a lot of hard work on prototypes and building the site, it's time to go live. Hopefully, everything works smoothly and your well-designed site offers a great experience for users. This should really help your business succeed.


Therefore, this blog explains the importance of custom BigCommerce development and how to do it. By following the above