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How To Create Store On Wix?

How To Create Store On Wix

Wix is a free and easy tool for building websites. Its simple technology allows you to design nice-looking websites for any device without much effort. Wix provides features to make professional websites. But Wix is more than just a website maker.

Wix technical assistant are professional in build eCommerce stores. Thus, in this blog we will explore the steps to create a Wix site. 

Steps To Build A Wix Site

By following these steps, you can create an effective Wix site. 

Create Your Account On Wix

To start using Wix, make an account using your email. First, Wix will ask what kind of website you are making. If you plan to sell stuff on Wix, select Online Store. Then, pick what type of online store you want. If your category isn't listed, don't worry. You can change it later. Next, tell Wix what your website is about. If you follow the same steps and choose to sell online, Wix will know. Then, you can name your store, say how many products you will have, and pick your tools.

Pick A Template

Choose a design for your website: you can either pick a ready-made template or let Wix ADI, an AI, do it for you. If you are new to this, Wix can help you make a site using AI. Pick from many templates, and don't worry. You can change it anytime. For AI, choose text and images or import from Google My Business. Add business info like logo, address, and phone. If you have not created the logo yet, use Wix's builder. Choose fonts and colours. For an online store, start with a theme. Pick homepage designs and other pages like About or Contact.

Redesign Store

Ensure that your online business has the appearance you desire. With Wix, you can easily change how your website looks using their simple tools. You can:

  • Make new pages

  • Pick different colours, fonts, and animations

  • Handle apps

  • See how your store will look before you show it to others.

Wix makes it easy to change how your website looks. If you are having trouble, they have lots of help available right in the editor, so you don't have to switch back and forth.

Pick the Perfect Plan

Get the right plan for your business. First, make your website. Then, make sure you are ready to start selling online with the right tools. First, decide on your website name, and if it's free, you can buy it through Wix. If you already have a domain from another place, you can connect it to Wix. After designing your website, you can either get a new domain from Wix or connect your existing one. For an online store, you will need a Business or Ecommerce plan from Wix. These plans come with features like secure payments, unlimited products, and more. Some plans also offer premium apps like Dropshipping by Modalyst and Product Reviews by KudoBuzz. Not sure which plan to choose? Start with the basic one and upgrade later if you need to.

Add Products

To sell stuff on Wix, hire a Wix partner that adds your things to sell. If you are using dropshipping, use the dropshipping tool you picked. If you have your own stuff, sell them on the Products page.

Here's how

  • Go to the Wix website editor.

  • Click "Manage" then "Store".

  • You will see your store dashboard. Click "Store Products" or "Add a Product".

  • Click "+New Product".

  • Choose a Digital File or Physical Product.

  • Customize your product: name, images, description, price, inventory, and shipping.

  • You can even group products together in collections.

Add as many products as you like, starting with one or importing from a CSV file.

Set Payment Option

To sell stuff on Wix, you gotta set up how folks pay and where you send things. First, you need to pick a way for people to pay. If you don't, they can't buy your products or get your services. Wix gives you a heads-up if you forget. Just tap "Add Payment Method" to arrange it. Next, choose the right payment option for where you are. If you mess up, buyers might pay you the wrong money. You can take credit cards with Wix. Also, PayPal, Afterpay, Pinwheel, and more are cool. Don't forget where you are sending products. Set up rules for each place. Like, maybe free shipping at home but pay by weight or total for international.

Optimize Visibility

Make sure visitors can find your shop when they look online. It's called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Under Marketing & SEO, pick SEO tools. Answer three questions on Wix for a personalized SEO checklist. Do the tasks to boost your chance of showing on Google's first page. Before launching your store, use Wix's SEO setup checklist to optimize it. You don't need to do all of the SEO, but do the basics. 

Configure Shop

To change your store details, go to Settings in your editor, then hit Business Info. On Wix, you can reach your dashboard from the editor. Here, add your store name, contact info, language, and currency. Store shipping, and set prices for shipping to different places. You can customize rates for over 200 regions. Also, Wix App Market offers apps like Shippo and Shipstation to help with shipping and tracking. Or, start a dropshipping store with apps like Modalyst, where suppliers handle shipping for products you sell.

Set Your Domain

Getting your own domain might seem hard, but it's super important. People are more likely to trust and buy from your site if it doesn't have a free Wix domain. Just follow these steps:

  • Click "Get a Domain" when prompted.

  • If you don't see the prompt, go to Settings and choose "Connect Domain."