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Top SEO Tips For BigCommerce Website Optimization

Top SEO Tips For BigCommerce Website Optimization

BigCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that is a SaaS-based platform specially made to provide a base to millions of online stores. With BigCommerce, businesses can easily create, manage, develop, and handle online shops. Apart from that, BigCommerce has multiple features that are made to customize e-commerce stores.

If you are looking to expand your business reach digitally, BigCommerce can be a good choice for you, as on this, you can do multiple things on your own. You don't have to depend on tools to boost your store speed, functionality, or other things. But the work is not done with it. The speed of your store, its performance, ranking, design, and many other factors decide its performance and sales.

So, search engine optimization is a technique that prioritizes optimizing a store's ranking on search engines. This is done by doing multiple techniques and practicing them regularly. Apart from ranking, SEO can improve a lot of things on your BigCommerce website.

Therefore, BigCommerce SEO experts are well known for optimizing the website for high reach. Thus, in this blog, we will explore multiple search engine optimization strategies to improve your BigCommerce store visibility.

Tips For BigCommerce SEO

Here, we will mention all the trending and imperative tips to improve BigCommerce store SEO.

Keyword research:

The first and foremost step in BigCommerce SEO is to identify the right keywords. You must ensure that the keywords you choose must be targeted to a specific and precise audience. Additionally, keywords must have high search engine volume and are easy to rank on search engine result pages.

For Amazon listing, you can use Amazon to identify the proper keywords related to Amazon and its services. Each keyword has a specific consumer to identify them correctly.

In keyword research, competitor analysis is an essential aspect. By using keyword research tools, you can easily find the relevant keywords for your products and services. Identify the other ones from your competitors.

On-page SEO:

On-page optimization consists of multiple techniques. The first one is using clean URLs.

Optimize URLs:

Adding clean URLs to your website ensures that your store will remain in a high position. Create simple, short, and easy-to-remember URLs for your web pages.

You can create the URL based on the product name, title, page, or post directly after the website domain name. Add the most important and the primary keyword in your URL to make it search engine-friendly.

Implement ALT text and file names for visuals:

Search engines will review every image on your page in addition to the content when indexing your website; they will pay particular attention to the two critical components that are connected to your images: file names and alt text. Remember to optimize file names and include alt text to photos for better BigCommerce SEO.

These are the prime reasons why this is important.

  • Having an alternate text increases your chances of appearing in Google picture searches. It is regarded as the description of an image that includes focus keywords to aid in user comprehension.

  • Alt text is a tool search engines use to classify and comprehend your context better.

  • To assist you in preventing miscommunication, this description will appear if your picture fails to load.

Meta Description:

It is basically the description of the overall content of the website. It is basically written in 3-4 lines and describes the overall summary of the content. It is a short overview of the whole content. If your website meta description is interesting, short, and catchy, it will help the crawler to easily crawl your site and index it properly.

To entice readers to visit the page, ensure that the meta description provides a concise of the content accurately in less than 160 characters, an engaging summary of the content. The primary keyword you intend to rank for must be present.

Optimizing the page title and headings:

To optimize the store heading, firstly divide them into multiple Sections as H1, H2, H3, and H4. It will help users and search engines to easily comprehend the content. Write simple headings that make it a simple task to understand your content sections.

BigCommerce allows the change of different kinds of page titles, including static pages, blog posts, and product pages. Optimizing the title tags is essential as it not only improves ranking but is also an important factor of SEO.

Enhance Your Store Speed:

Additionally, it improves website loading speed. There are multiple techniques to boost website loading speed and performance. Image compression is one of the vital techniques to optimize website images without affecting their quality and making them load fast.

Additionally, by customizing the web fonts and adding Accelerated Mobile Pages format for your pages and posts, you can enhance the website performance. Also, avoid excessive codes from your website. By improving store loading speed, you will enhance its visibility and ranking on search engines.

Optimize Key Pages First:

Optimize the most viewed pages of your website first. The pages consumers view most are the most attractive ones. By practicing on-page SEO, you can make those pages flourish your store sales and visibility and generate more traffic to your store. You can use online free tools to find what pages are most viewed on your site.

In addition to real-time data, Google Analytics offers insights into website traffic, purchases, sales, and audience size.

Implement Rich Snippets To Your Content:

Rich snippets are the structured data you can add to your store to help both search engines and users easily understand the content. Rich snippets appear just below the meta description; it shows the star rating, prices, author, and more. The implementation of the Schema Markup usually generates rich snippets. BigCommerce generates rich snippets for their store products.