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Must Know Facts about Volusion Before Building Your Website

Must Know Facts about Volusion Before Building Your Website

Reaching the point of feeling confident in your choice of a web-building platform, especially for e-commerce, can feel unattainable. There are countless factors to consider when selecting the right one. Volusion stands out with its numerous positive reviews, a substantial customer base of over 180,000, and its claim of being a one-stop shop for all your needs. However, you may still have some questions that need answering, such as:

- Would I struggle to create my online store without prior experience?

- Can I enhance my search engine rankings and attract more customers through marketing campaigns?

- What level of flexibility will I have to expand my store’s capabilities in the future?

To determine if Volusion is the ideal solution for your needs, and before you reach out to any Volusion development company for your requirements, let's examine some critical information about Volusion before making your final decision on an e-commerce platform.

Volusion Helps You Build Out Your Step by Step

Volusion is an excellent option for beginners or those with limited experience looking to build an online store. It is one of the easiest website builders available, largely due to its step-by-step process that guides you through creating your website after signing up. The first step is choosing a theme, followed by using the Style Editor to customize your website. Then, you'll be advised to upload essential elements such as a logo, banner image, text, and a call-to-action button.

Finally, Volusion will help you put together your main navigation menu to make it easy for visitors to access the most important pages on your site. The unique approach of being guided through each step one by one is much more comfortable than being launched into a completed website and left to find your way. This feature sets Volusion apart from most other website builders.

The Benefit of Getting 70+ Features To Boost Website’s Functionality

Volusion's Marketplace offers a range of e-commerce and non-ecommerce related features, accessible through various apps. Both free and premium apps are available on the platform, including those from well-known providers such as Shipstation. With this app, you can automate your shipping label creation process, while PayPal can serve as an additional payment option on your store. Other apps like GeoTrust and Authorize.Net can help you secure your website and payments, respectively, in line with PCI guidelines.

Volusion also offers its own apps, which you can easily add to your dashboard in just a few clicks. The Marketplace includes apps for Accounting, Shipping, email marketing, payment processing, live chat, and more. Although not as extensive as Shopify or BigCommerce, Volusion's app selection still offers comprehensive features.

Provides Extensive SEO & Marketing Tools

Volusion offers a range of optimization tools to improve your website's search engine ranking. These tools include basic features like the ability to change meta titles, descriptions, and tags, as well as create SEO-friendly URLs and edit your Robots.txt file. While Volusion's infrastructure (ASP) is not optimal for SEO, the company has taken measures to minimize its impact. Additionally, Volusion provides tools to create custom SEO-friendly HTML code, which can override default meta information.

According to Ecommerce SEO experts, one of Volusion's standout features is its Google Reviews integration. This feature enables product review thumbnails to be displayed on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), with direct links to your online store. Configuration is a breeze from the dashboard. Volusion also offers built-in newsletter tools and supports external apps like MailChimp for email marketing campaigns. And, if you're interested in setting up your own affiliate program, Volusion makes it easy to do so.

Empowers You To Sell On Multiple Platforms

In today's world, social media platforms and multiple marketplaces can be an excellent way to boost sales for your online store. Volusion offers a range of tools to help you sell on these other platforms. You can manage inventory and orders across multiple platforms, or monetize your website without relying solely on sales. With Volusion, you can create product pages for Facebook and sell directly from the platform.

You can also import your products from your existing store. For marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Volusion offers tools to manage your inventory, orders, and sales. You can track your performance across these services in one convenient dashboard. Plus, you can use Google AdWords to set up PPC advertising or display your products on Google search result pages. In addition to these features, there are several apps you can install, such as Solid Commerce and SellerExpress, that provide extra tools for selling effectively on different platforms.

Limited Coding and Customization Opportunities

Volusion is known for its high level of restrictions in customizing websites, especially when compared to other popular platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace. In fact, it falls behind even Wix and self-hosted WordPress.One of the main limitations is the small selection of only 45 themes available. This raises concerns about the uniqueness of your website's appearance. While the designs are modern, attractive, and user-friendly, they lack any particularly impressive features.

The only option for customization is to make small tweaks to the template's style, mostly limited to colors and fonts. Additionally, there is no drag-and-drop functionality available, which means that you are locked into the design of the template you choose. You can use Volusion's customization feature only for minor changes and to add simple features like a pop-up message box.

It Strikes The Perfect Balance Between Simplicity and Functionality

Volusion strives to make it easy for anyone to create a comprehensive online store, without compromising on the capabilities required to build a successful and profitable business in the competitive online marketplace. However, the challenge lies in striking the right balance between providing advanced features to more experienced users while keeping the process simple and intuitive for beginners or those with limited time. While Volusion seems to have achieved this balance, it's essential to carefully consider the implications before making a commitment to the platform.


To sum up, Volusion is an excellent platform for creating an online store, and our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. With its user-friendly interface and step-by-step guide, building your website has never been easier. Furthermore, our ecommerce SEO experts are always on hand to provide guidance and support. So, if you're looking for the best Volusion development company to help you with your online store, look no further than us. We are dedicated to providing you with the most convenient and ideal solutions for your business needs.


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