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The Top BigCommerce Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Top BigCommerce Design Trends to Watch Out

Out of multiple ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce shines brighter due to advanced capabilities and user support. It is a leading ecommerce platform that helps your brand grow digitally and boost business sales. BigCommerce can perform multiple tasks for your brand, such as providing many features and themes to customize your shop template and design.

How your BigCommerce store looks is a significant concept; you can't ignore it. It's like having all the dishes on your platters, but if they are not served well, people might not try it.

Therefore, the design of your store is a crucial element that can break the user engagement and expectations from your ecommerce store. Designing trends change every year, and some new adds and modify the old ones. You can choose the trend to explore and benefit your business according to the consumer perspective. It can be done by choosing the right theme, template, and trend.

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore all the 10 top trending BigCommerce designs that are in vogue right now. So, let's explore it together and take your business to its success. Additionally, many people opt for BigCommecre design services to get them all at once.

The Significance of BigCommerce Design Trends for 2023

Your website design holds great importance, and here are the top 10 BigCommerce design trends to know.

Minimalist and Clean Design

As per its name, this design type is all about simplicity. It involves using clean and clear lines, white space, and a straightforward layout. Simple and light design is very important as it improves the page load time and user navigation, ultimately increasing the store revenue.

It's like the user already knows where everything is placed, and they can easily complete the checkout. To add this to your store, you need to simplify the site layout, clean the color palette, and add essential content.

Dark Mode Compatibility

Dark mode is available on all devices, including our phones. Most people prefer to view sites in dark mode, where everything in the background appears black. It shows a darker color with lighter text and font. Implementing the dark theme mode option in your website improves user experience and customization preferences.

Interactive and Immersive Content

This is slightly different from the normal content we saw on the sites. It involves adding elements like 360-degree product views, augmented reality (AR) try-on tools, and interactive product tours. This creates a real feel and experience for the users.

With this, consumers can evaluate and interact with your products in multiple ways and increase the browsing experience and control. Additionally, you can add interesting and engaging elements like product configurators, live chat support, product demos, and more.

Personalization and AI Integration

Utilizing AI in your BigCommerce store ensures that your users will get an enhanced experience. It is a way of recommending to them what they are looking for, improving their experience on your store, and providing a more personalized experience.

There are multiple AI tools that are game-changing for your business. These tools analyze data and provide tailored recommendations such as content, marketing messages, product suggestions, and more.

Mobile-First Design

As more people search on mobile devices, it's essential to prioritize and understand the need for mobile optimization. It is an important aspect. You need to optimize your website for mobile first, then tailor it to other devices.

It ensures that your website works well on mobile and other devices. Provides seamless experience and navigation to users. For this, you can work closely with the BigCommerce web designers to gain a clear understanding of it.

Voice Commerce Integration

Voice commerce is getting more popular after the invention of smart devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. These applications understand your request and answer your query.

It involves allowing your user to make purchases and interact with your BigCommerce store using voice commands. It offers more convenience and accessibility and makes it easy for buyers to purchase the desired product.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

After COVID-19 eco, eco-friendly practices are gaining momentum, and the government promotes and informs businesses to use eco-friendly products and materials. It involves utilizing eco-friendly materials to reduce harmful gases and substances.

It also enhances the user experience and engages them to do the same, also popularising your brand in their mind. For this, you need to identify and examine your marketing chain, supply chain, energy consumption, and more.


It is a concept where users interact with your website by filling out a form or completing the purchase and providing them with instant feedback. It creates a small interaction of your brand with the consumers. It involves button animations, hover effects, or progress indicators.

It makes the website more user-centric and engaging. Additionally, it creates a sense of responsibility and responsiveness. For this, you need to identify the opportunities for micro-interactions, such as designing a button after the submission of the form.

Accessible Design

Accessible design is a concept where you utilize the store with advanced capabilities, where people with disabilities can also access and navigate your BigCommerce store.

An accessible website design increases the chance of a website reaching a wider audience with advanced elements. For this, you need to analyze what your website is lacking and how you can improve it. Ensure that your website complies with all the regulations and guidelines.

Data Security and Trust Signals

Security for your business and consumer data is a must to build confidence among your consumers. It involves implementing security measures and trust signals to sign the board of safety in your store. It involves practices such as SSL certificates and privacy policies to ensure readers and visitors that their data is safe.