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How To Boost BigCommerce Store Ranking In 2024?

Trending SEO Strategies to Elevate BigCommerce Store

The search engine ranking of any e-commerce website is an essential metric that decides its sales and revenue. Thus, SEO is the game changer for any e-commerce store. E-commerce trends change every year; thus, it's crucial that you also modify your search engine optimization technique accordingly.

Additionally, BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform allowing brands to build, create, design, and customize their online business. But the ranking of your store always remains the first priority as it is the only thing that can boost your business success.

Also, there are many who hire BigCommerce SEO experts to help online stores enhance their Digital reach and ranking. So, in this blog, we will explore different e-commerce SEO techniques that are trending right now and have the potential to boost the store's presence in the upcoming year.

10 Trending BigCommerce SEO Tips For 2024

Certainly, these are the SEO strategies that will never fade and will provide you with a secured ranking on search engines.

Keyword Optimization:

Firstly, conduct keyword research and find the trending words people use most frequently. Keywords are divided into primary and secondary sections. Primary keywords are the most frequently and consistently used words.

Thus, it involves adding those keywords to your website content, such as product titles, descriptions, meta tags, and main content. It is the first step in boosting website visibility. All the big brands primarily focused on utilizing keywords on their website and expanding their consistency in the search results.

Additionally, you have to create a specific keyword research strategy that involves targeting long tail, short tail, evergreen, and other types of keywords. Consequently, incorporate them into your social media channels and other marketing campaigns.

Content Creation:

Content is the key to SEO and stays in its heart. So, for all e-commerce websites, content marketing is paramount. Content is the only thing that can generate and drive traffic to your website.

Alongside creating blog content and guest posts, creating product descriptions and landing pages with more precision, and trying to incorporate keywords organically into them.

Crafting compelling content might seem daunting to you, but with regard to practice, you can be an expert in it. Create content that nobody has created, add keywords to it, and design them in an engaging way. Additionally, it should be resonating well with your audience and search engines.

Connect with Reputable Websites:

Google assesses your page based on the quality and relevance of its outbound links. The pages you link to should align with your web page's topic, and linking to valuable resources enhances page quality. Studies reveal a link between outbound links and higher Google rankings.

Additionally, incorporating external links improves user experience, aiding in finding related content. To establish your page as a valuable information hub, include at least three quality, relevant outbound links in each published content. Note that external links are just one of Google's many on-page SEO factors.

Fix broken links to regain backlinks:

Broken backlinks are a common issue when web pages get deleted or moved. If not fixed, these links lead to nowhere. To discover broken links on your site, paste your domain into Site Explorer, visit the Best by Links report, apply a "404 not found" filter, and more.

For instance, if you find 57 backlinks pointing to an old URL, redirect it to the new one to reclaim those links. Ensure your content links to at least three quality, relevant resources, signaling to Google that your page is a valuable source of information, among other on-page SEO factors.

Worldwide SEO:

The organic traffic to your website from many regions and languages is enhanced by international SEO. You need to accommodate the cultural context of your target market and enable them to trade in their native tongue and currency if you want to be successful with international SEO.

With worldwide SEO, you can make your website rank high for global users. It will improve your store's authenticity and relevance.

Dates and times should be entered according to the location in which they are listed. Additionally, talk to them in their own language to connect better with them. International SEO aims to give your target audience a positive online experience.

Mobile Optimization:

It is a process of optimizing a store's presence with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO while primarily focusing on ensuring that the site loads flawlessly on mobile and handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Your e-commerce website must be laid out on a mobile device as most of the search is conducted through it.

Consumers may never return if they have a negative mobile brand experience. This kind of SEO is essential if you want your customers to have the greatest experience possible on your site.

Also, it's critical to make sure that mobile consumers are not dissuaded from visiting your site by its design, organization, and page performance.

Make engaging search results to increase visitors:

Getting a high Google ranking is just one part of the equation; enticing searchers to click on your result is equally crucial. To achieve this, craft a compelling title tag and meta description, keeping them under 70 characters, matching search intent, and avoiding clickbait.

Additionally, utilize schema markup for rich snippets, providing extra information like review ratings. Prioritize optimizing pages with the highest search traffic, identifiable through tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and more for Explorer's Top Pages report for efficient results.

User Friendly Navigation:

Simple integration and simple operation are implied by user-friendly navigation when a user visits a website or web page. It will be successful only when a website's navigation is simple to use, navigate, and access. The foundation of navigation is to make an effective structure possible.

A website with good navigation makes it easy for visitors to discover what they need, and customers who find what they need more readily are inclined to buy it. Additionally, user-friendly navigation is a must for high sales, conversion, click-through rates, and user experience. It boosts all of them and provides exceptional customer engagement.

Social Media Integration:

This is very important for your BigCommerce store's SEO. Adding social media accounts to your website is very crucial. That helps you to redirect from your site to other social media accounts. Thus, integrate your website with social media platforms and create a broad digital presence.

Additionally, it involves posting content on social media platforms and creating engaging tags and captions that capture visitors' attention towards your brand, and they get influenced to scroll through your website. Social media marketing is a must-factor for ecommerce websites to increase their brand awareness.

Black-Hat SEO

The technique of manipulating search engine results pages (SERPs) for higher ranks by going beyond search engine standards is known as black hat SEO. If marketers are discovered to be utilizing black hat SEO techniques, they risk having their metrics entirely disappear, getting penalized by Google, and losing their listings.

The user ranks a website that goes against the search engine guidelines. Search engine algorithms are manipulated using black hat SEO tactics in an effort to raise a website's ranks on the SERPs.

Therefore, these are the trending BigCommerce SEO techniques for your online business.


This blog has explained the basics of SEO and why it matters to your store's ranking on search engines. Additionally, we discussed the importance of crafting stores on BigCommerce.

At last, we mentioned 10 trending and top BigCommerce search engine optimization strategies to help your website rank higher on the search engine result page and secure a leading position in 2024.

Also, you can hire an ecommerce SEO expert to get professional assistance. MakkPress Technologies is an e-commerce marketing agency that offers complete worldwide e-commerce services.

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