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Why Shopify Is An Excellent Ecommerce Platform?

What Makes Shopify An Excellent Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for all types and sizes of businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a big company owner, Shopify will help you get all the things you want from your e-commerce store. First, it helps you in customizing your store with a great look, providing multiple themes and customization options. All these things make it a suitable option to start your online store.

As we know, Shopify is a good e-commerce platform that is optimized with all the latest technology and trends. You must prefer this platform out of many to get the best base for your brand. It is like a strong bed that has the capacity to serve multiple individuals without affecting its quality.

Thus, in this Shopify development blog, we will start by mentioning the importance and reasons for choosing Shopify as your e-commerce platform. After that, we will move further towards the process of developing an excellent Shopify store. Individuals who already knew its importance directly hire Shopify developers to create their online brand.

Why Choose Shopify as Your E-Commerce Platform?

Choosing an excellent performing platform for an ecommerce brand is crucial. Thus, Shopify has everything a brand needs to reach a wider audience. Here, we have the reasons why people choose Shopify as their ecommerce platform.

User-Friendly Interface

Shopify provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for people to navigate through multiple pages. On this platform, it is easy to manage and develop an online store.

Extensive Theme Selection

Shopify provides multiple theme options for your brand to shine uniquely. Out of many options, you can choose one that suits your brand type and niche. Many themes are more responsive than others.

Robust App Store

Shopify has an extensive app store, which consists of multiple applications and extensions that help you to do the task more efficiently. Some are paid, and many are free, which adds realistic shine to your store.

Secure and Reliable Hosting

Shopify takes care of your hosting and ensures that your consumer data is secure and protected. Shopify platform is safe and secure with Shopify's Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and automatic updates.

Seamless Payment Processing

Shopify provides a wide range of payment options for your store. Additionally, you can add some other payment options that you want. This ensures smooth transactions and reduces cart abandonment rates.

Scalability and Growth

Shopify ensures that your ecommerce brand reaches its customers. It is done by providing multiple resources and tools to offer a customized and personalized experience.


Shopify provides multiple SEO built-in features that help your store to optimize with best SEO practices. Additionally, it improves the website ranking on the search engine result page.

Mobile Optimization

Shopify ensures that your website shows fast and same across all devices. Whether users visit your website from a laptop or mobile device, they will get the same appearance of both.

Thus, these are the benefits of customizing your store on Shopify. Now, it's time to develop your store on the Shopify platform.

Steps To Create An Ecommerce Brand On Shopify

Here, we have mentioned the simple and quick steps that you are required to perform to create a store on the Shopify platform.

Sign Up for Shopify

First, you need to visit the Shopify store website at; after that, click on the get started button and start the process. Enter all the details required to log in and create a secured password with a unique name. After logging in to the Shopify website, it's time to customize your store.

Customize Your Store

After successful login, customize your store as you want. Shopify offers many free and paid themes that you can use to design e-commerce brands in a proper manner. Additionally, after mentioning your preference, Shopify offers numerous themes that match your requirements. You can also hire a Shopify website designer for a professional and finished look.

Add Products

After the store design, add products to your store. Click on the products tab, then add the products button. After that, add the products and include details of each service. It involves adding basic details such as name, description, prices, and product images or videos. Your product listing must contain all the necessary information users need to know.

Set Up Payments and Shipping

Now, you have to add multiple payment options so users from different nations can purchase what you offer. Shopify provides these features to add more than one payment gateway. You just have to click on the settings button, then payments to add multiple payment options. Out of others, some are more famous payment methods, such as PayPal and credit card processors.

After that, go to the shipping tab and customize the shipping options based on the product rate, weight, location, and package size.

Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name is the most important thing that customers find and remember. It should be simple to pronounce and recall. For instance, Vogue, an international brand, is easy to pronounce and get.

Optimize for SEO

Now, customize your store for SEO. You can hire the best Shopify SEO services provider who will help you optimize the store with SEO solutions. It consists of multiple strategies, including on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, and more. Additionally, it involves content creation, keyword research, product description, meta tags, meta titles, etc.

Launch Your Store

Once you have added all the necessary features and settings, it's time to live your store. But before making it public, you must check its performance, like all tabs and buttons are working properly, easy to navigate, shipping method, loading time, and more to provide an effective user experience.

Marketing and Promotion

Now, you need to market your brand in different ways to reach consumers of different types. There are multiple ecommerce marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click, social media marketing, online advertisement, content marketing, video promotion, and more. All these techniques drive more traffic and boost your store sales.

Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Provide exceptional customer support to your consumers, as it builds trust and loyalty among them. Shopify offers multiple customer support tools and enhancements that streamline communication to boost their experience.

Regularly Analyze and Optimize

When your store is live and marketing is done, you need to keep track of everything. Assess the store performance on a regular basis. Use tools like Google Page Insights to know how users interact and buy the products on your website and why they leave the store without completing the purchase. This data helps you to customize your product offering and consumer-reaching strategies.

Expand and Scale

As your store grows, add new features and facilities to provide more enhanced customer experience. It involves adding new product lines, targeting new customer segments, and more. It ensures that your store matches the new trends and has the potential to meet user demand.

Therefore, these are the steps to create an effective Shopify store. By following this simple process, you will create a well-developed and feature-rich Shopify store.


So, in this blog, we have explained the basics of the Shopify platform and how you can create an efficient store on it to expand your business reach. We have explained everything from the store creation to its expansion. Additionally, we explained the importance of this platform to others and why people choose it.

Additionally, if you don't want to miss out on anything and are not tech-savvy. In that case, you can hire a Shopify app development company like MakkPress Technologies, which is well-known for creating, designing, and promoting e-commerce stores.


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