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10 Techniques To Improve Wix Store SEO!

10 Techniques To Improve Wix Store SEO

Wix is an eCommerce platform that allows you to build, design, and market your online store. It is a feature-rich platform that provides customization options to your brand according to your demands and allows you to design your site in the way you always wanted. Wix can help you get the most out of your business and expand its growth. 

Apart from other qualities, Wix is best for SEO. Search engine optimization improves your store ranking, so Wix ensures your SEO efforts boost your business performance. Wix SEO consultants are experts in creating SEO techniques tailored to a brand's unique demands. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the top tricks to optimize site SEO. By following the strategies discussed, you can secure a higher search engine position. 

SEO Strategies That Will Maximize Your Business Efforts!

Here, we will go through the tips to improve your brand search engine ranking. 


The first thing a user sees on your site is the URL that directs visitors to your website. URL should be short and direct; the user should not get confused by the URL. You must use primary or secondary keywords so that you can user easily find and understand them. Use the same pattern in your blog page, main site page, or all page URLs. Add the crucial details of the page to your store URL, and don't make it complicated with unnecessary things. Ensure you add the service you are mainly explaining on a specific page and add that in the site URL. 


Keywords play a major role in your website. There are numerous types of keywords available, such as short-tail, long-tail, evergreen, and many others. For social media content, write short-tail keywords. They are short posts, so you have to write 50 words of maximum content on them. Additionally, for long-form content, add long-tail keywords. For instance, if your site sells shoes, instead of adding only shoes, add "shoes for special occasions" and more. Keywords target your site on top pages when users enter those same words on search engines. It improves your site visibility and ranking. 

Titles & Headings:

Every page on your site consists of a title, headings, and descriptions. Thus, you need to give each page a unique title. Do not write the same description on every page; make each page unique. The description will not be directly visible on your site, but search engines will value it as they read it and index your content accordingly. The Wix app store provides tools that help in creating meta tags and descriptions for brands. 

Mobile Optimized:

Making your website mobile-friendly is a must. Whether your store is built for a laptop or any other device, you want it to look the same across all. That's why mobile optimization is crucial. It ensures that your store will appear the same on all devices without any differences in size and appearance. For mobile optimization, you can get help from Wix development services that are also proficient in making sites mobile-friendly. 

Local SEO:

Local SEO helps businesses appear higher in online searches for local services. It's an effective way to reach the local consumers around you, such as hotels, restaurants, spas, etc. There are two different ways to do it on-s,ite and off-site. On-site means making your website more visible locally. Off-site involves getting links and reviews on other sites. For this, you need to find locally based keywords that local people use. Add city names and zip codes, too. You can hire a Wix partner to include a map on your website, making it easier for customers to find you.

Describe Your Website Images: 

Images are crucial for websites, making them more engaging. They enhance user experience and boost business. But search engines like Google can't see images. Thus, describing the content of your images is crucial. For this, add text descriptions called alt text to your images. This helps search engines to understand the context of your image usage and improve its visibility on image section. 

Create Content:

Content is the foremost thing users see on a site. Your website's content will be different from other site content. Search engines support sites with unique content that provides information not available in other stores. That's why create content that is engaging, informative, and user-demand-centric. Create a calendar and write all the details of content creation, posting and scheduling. It will help you to get clear command over the posting.  

Get Backlinks: 

You will want to focus on getting more backlinks to boost your website's online presence. Backlinks are links from other websites to yours and can significantly improve your SEO. They are tough to get but essential. Also, use social media to share your website easily. Wix makes it simple to share links on platforms like Facebook and Twitter with customized images. It will help your users to redirect them directly to your social media account from your site. This integration with Wix improves SEO by boosting your online presence across multiple platforms.

Use Correct Headers:

Structuring your website with the right headers is crucial for SEO. Each page needs a clear title (H1) that describes the content. Avoid using multiple H1s per page. Use H2 for headings and H3 for subheadings to organize your content logically. Include relevant keywords in your titles for better search engine understanding.

Focus On Proactive Indexing:

Once your website is connected to Google Search Console and you submit your sitemap, focus on indexing important pages. With so many websites online, it's vital to show search engines which pages matter most. Exclude unnecessary pages in robots.txt and share your content on social media. Use internal links to guide search engines to key pages and enhance your site's ranking.


Therefore, this blog has explained the basics of Wix and SEO. Hiring a Wix SEO consultant from MakkPress Technologies can enhance your brand's SEO efforts and boost its ranking. Makkpress Technologies boosts a website's search engine ranking for better performance and sales. Thus, hire SEO professionals from MakkPress now and see the results!