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13 Reasons Why Ecommerce Businesses Migrate to a New Platform

Updated: 4 days ago

13 Reasons Why Ecommerce Businesses Migrate to a New Platform

Changing to a new platform is like upgrading to a more excellent home. It's a significant change, but it brings benefits. Think about your old home having some problems; perhaps the plumbing was slow, or the electricity wasn't quite right. Moving to a new place means solving those issues. 

So, in the eCommerce business, switching to a new platform provides better tools and features. It could take a bit of work to pack up and move, but once you are there, everything runs more smoothly. It's similar to moving into a fancier, more efficient home where you can accomplish things without any trouble. Consequently, Magento to BigCommerce migration means migrating from the current platform, Magento, to BigCommerce. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the basics of eCommerce migration and why the reasons for switching to a new platform. 

13 Benefits Of Switching To A New Ecommerce Platform

Thus, these are the advantages of migrating to a new and reliable platform. 

Technological Outdated:

With advancements in technology, everything keeps changing really fast. Businesses may end up with old systems that can't keep up with the changes. When businesses switch to newer and better systems, it allows them to use the latest technologies. This helps them work better and provides them with exceptional experience. 

Cost Savings:

Money is a big deal for any business. Sometimes, the systems they use become too expensive. So, when they plan to switch to a new system in a smart way, it can save them a lot of money. This is like finding a cheaper way to do things, and it's good for the business's overall money situation. It is an important thing to move toward a new platform. 

Performance Enhancement:

As a business gets bigger, the old system might start having problems keeping up. Moving to a new system means using more powerful tools. This helps the business work better, things happen faster, and everyone using the system has a better experience.

Security Concerns:

Keeping things safe is super important for businesses in the ever-changing world of eCommerce. If the system is not safe from cyber threats or doesn't follow the newest safety rules, it's like leaving the door open for problems. So, moving to a more secure system is like getting a stronger lock. This protects important data and makes sure customers and others can trust the business.

Support and dependability of vendors:

Imagine you depend on a friend for help, but they are not doing well. Maybe they are not answering your calls or can't keep up with new stuff. For businesses, it's the same with the companies that help them with their systems. If the company is not doing well financially, stops helping, or falls behind in new technology, it's a big problem. So, businesses might decide to switch to a more strong system with strong support from the company. 

Growth Scenarios:

When a business grows, it's like having more people using the same old phone. It might not handle all the extra work, and things slow down. Moving to a scalable system is like getting a bigger phone that can handle more. This way, the business can adjust to changes without making things slower or worse for the users.

Integration Capabilities:

Nowadays, it's like everyone is using different tools and speaking different languages. If a system can't work well with other tools or slows down how data is shared, it's like not being able to talk to everyone properly. So, moving to a more connected system is like learning a common language. It makes things run smoother and improves how everything is done.

User Experience Enhancement:

Businesses know it's important to make users happy, just like having a friendly face in a store. If the system is not easy to use or lacks good features, it's like having a grumpy store owner. So, moving to a more user-friendly system is like having a smiling face. It makes sure the business keeps up with what customers expect.

Regulatory Compliance Changes:

Rules about how businesses operate change a lot, like traffic rules on the road. If a system doesn't follow the newest rules, it's like breaking the law. This can cause legal and operational problems and harm your brand reputation. So, moving to a system that follows the latest regulations is like driving safely. It keeps the business in line and reduces risks.

Innovation and Feature Gap:

Some systems are like old phones that can't take cool pictures or run fun apps. If a system doesn't have new and cool features or keeps up with what's happening in the industry, it's like using an old phone in a world of smartphones. Moving to a more innovative system is like getting the latest smartphone. It gives access to the newest technologies, helping the business stay at the front of its industry.

Downtime Reduction:

Imagine if your favorite game always stopped in the middle. That would be frustrating, right? For businesses, if their systems often stop working, it can be really bad, like losing points in a game. Switching to a system that promises more reliable uptime and easier updates is like discovering a game that never pauses. It eliminates any issues and ensures that business keeps running smoothly without irritating interruptions.

Changing Business Models:

Businesses are like plants, they grow and change shape. As they try new ways of doing things, the old system might not fit anymore. Moving to a system that supports these changes is like planting the right kind of soil for the plant. It makes sure technology helps the business grow instead of holding it back.

Supplier Consolidation:

Imagine having different tools from different stores, like a mix of toys from different shops. It can get confusing and messy. For businesses, if they use many systems from different companies, it's like having a mix of toys. Switching to one unified system is like organizing all the toys in one box. It makes managing everything easier, reduces confusion, and makes the whole system work together better.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of eCommerce migration and what are the prime reasons for moving and migrating to a new platform. Additionally, for smooth migration, you can opt for eCommerce migration services from MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing and migration company. 

With MakkPress Technologies, you can solely focus on your brand functionality and other performance metrics, while MakkPress experts can seamlessly migrate your store to your preferred platform. 


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