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Top Ways To Improve Squarespace Store SEO

Updated: 4 days ago

Squarespace Store SEO

Squarespace is a website-building platform where people create their online stores. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is crucial for Squarespace stores because it helps them show up higher in Google and other search results. When your store is easy to find online, more people can see and buy your products. 

Think of it like putting your store in a busy shopping area where lots of people walk by. SEO for Squarespace ensures that your store gets noticed by potential customers, making it easier for them to find and explore your online shop, ultimately boosting your chances of making sales.

To improve your site's SERP ranking, you can get assistance from Squarespace SEO experts who specialize in tailoring top SEO techniques for better performance. So, in this blog, we will explore the top ways to improve Squarespace SEO. 

10 Proven SEO Strategies For Squarespace

Certainly, these are the techniques you can utilize to enhance your store's SEO for better ranking and results. 

1. Keyword Optimization:

Use words on your Squarespace website that your visitors might type in Google. This helps search engines link your site to relevant searches. If you sell handmade soap, make sure words like "handmade soap" are in your titles, headers, and descriptions. This way, people looking for handmade soap are more likely to find your site. Adding keywords is essential for Squarespace SEO.

2. Meta Descriptions:

Think of meta descriptions like a movie trailer for your web pages. These short sentences tell search engines what your page is about and convince people to click. Write a brief, catchy summary for each page on your Squarespace site. If it's intriguing, more people might click, which is good for your site's visibility.

3. Image Alt Text:

Alt text is like a caption for your images. Describe what's in the picture. This not only helps people who can't see well but also tells search engines what's in your images. So, if you're selling red shoes, add alt text like "Red high-heeled shoes" to your shoe images. It will improve your Squarespace store's SEO.

4. Mobile Optimization:

Make sure your Squarespace site looks good and works well on phones. Many people browse on their phones and search engines like sites that are phone-friendly. A mobile-friendly site not only helps your search rankings but also makes it easier for visitors using phones to explore your content and makes your Squarespace site mobile-friendly.

5. Page Loading Speed:

Speed matters. Slow websites can be frustrating. Optimize your site so it loads quickly. Compress images, use tricks like browser caching, and reduce unnecessary requests. A faster site not only keeps visitors happy but also gets a thumbs up from search engines, possibly improving your site's position in search results.

6. SSL Certificate:

Think of an SSL certificate as a virtual security badge for your site. It shows visitors and search engines that your site is safe. It's like saying, "Hey, your information is secure here." Search engines like secure sites, so having an SSL certificate might give your Squarespace site a little boost in search rankings.

7. Content Quality:

Content is what people come for. Create content that answers questions or provides something useful. If you sell fitness gear, write about workouts or healthy tips. Good content not only makes visitors happy but also makes search engines notice your site. It's like being the go-to friend who always has great advice.

8. Internal Linking:

Internal linking is like building pathways in your site. Link one page to another if they are related. It helps visitors explore more of your content and search engines like well-connected sites. Imagine your site is a big book, and internal links are the references guiding readers to related chapters. It makes the overall reading experience smoother.

9. User-Friendly URLs:

URLs are web addresses. Make them easy to read and include keywords. If you are selling summer clothes, a good URL for a dress page could be something like "" It's clear and tells both visitors and search engines what the page is about. Simple, readable URLs make everyone's life easier.

10. Regular Updates:

Keep your Squarespace site alive with fresh content. Regularly add new stuff or update existing info. It indicates to search engines that your website is up-to-date and helpful. It's like having a shop that always has something new in the window. People passing by (and search engines) are more likely to notice and check it out.

Thus, these are the top techniques to optimize your eCommerce website for better search engine visibility. 


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the top Squarespace SEO strategies that are useful for all business types and kinds. By utilizing the aforementioned tips, you can boost your website traffic and SERP visibility. 

Also, take assistance from an eCommerce SEO agency like MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing company that helps brands build Squarespace websites with better SEO visibility. MakkPress Technologies has a team of SEO experts who are profound in tailoring top strategies according to brand needs and requirements.


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