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19 Best Techniques To Boost Webflow Store SEO

Updated: 4 days ago

Best Techniques To Boost Webflow Store SEO

There is no point in customizing a store for a fantastic design and look if the user can't find it on search engine top pages. We always open sites that appear on high-ranking pages; that's why optimizing your page for high ranking is a must that you can't overlook. 

Webflow is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that helps brands create, build, design and maintain their store functionality. Many agencies, like MakkPress Technologies, provide Webflow SEO services. To do it manually, here, in this blog, we will explore top ecommerce SEO techniques. 

Tips To Improve Webflow Store Ranking

In-Depth of SEO:

Focus on why you do things and why Google operates as it does. When you search, you want quick, accurate results. Google aims to predict your needs. Your goal is to align with that. Be the best information source, and Google rewards that. Use your best keywords, and know your competition. 

Keywords are not dead; they're essential. Identify popular terms related to your product. Use them across all content platforms for familiarity and ease. Don't complicate it; make it simple for your audience.

Keyword Research:

Choose keywords your customers would likely use to find your products. Make a list of 10-50 words. Confirm their popularity on Google Ads. Utilize the Keyword Tool for more options. Apply these keywords on your website pages, starting with the URL, titles, and metadata descriptions. This boosts your pages in search rankings.

Don't Use Too Many Keywords:

Avoid cramming keywords into your site. Follow Google's advice: prioritize user experience, not just search engines. Overusing keywords can confuse and annoy readers. Keep it simple; aim for clear, reader-friendly content.

Speed Up Your Site:

Speed up your website. Users won't wait for slow sites. Put yourself in their shoes. Optimize media, fix loose links, and trim useless data. It's a race; Google ranks faster sites higher. Thus, check your speed with Pingdom or GTmetrix. Instruct your developer to improve webflow speed. Fast site, better results.

Build Content List:

Create valuable, top-notch content for online success. Quality beats quantity in SEO. Effective SEO involves more than just optimization; it requires crafting compelling articles. Write passionately on topics that resonate, helping and engaging readers. Use tool like Google News to discover trending, impactful blog ideas easily.

On-Page Optimization:

Ensure page titles, URLs, image tags, and meta descriptions are in place for effective SEO. Preview how it looks on Google with the SERP snippet tool. Assess your popular pages, upgrade meta content, and boost click-worthy titles. Use Website Grader for a quick overview and in-depth analysis. Optimize on-page SEO to rank higher and attract relevant traffic.

Focus On Product Page: 

Improve product page text. Focus each page on a key keyword. Use a consistent structure: title as H1, sections as H2, subsections as H3, and the rest as paragraphs. Ensure error-free spelling and grammar in all product page content.

Add Internal Links:

Boost your SEO with smart internal linking. Maximize value from backlinks and enhance user experience. Follow these tips:

  • Guide readers down the funnel with strategic internal links.

  • Use clear, descriptive anchor text for easy navigation.

  • Keep internal links reasonable; too many may cause an SEO impact.

Enhance your website's performance effortlessly.

Optimize Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions: 

Craft top-notch Meta Titles (max 60 characters) and Descriptions (max 160 characters) for each page. Google displays your title tag in search results, so keep it concise. Optimize descriptions for desktop and mobile. Additionally, Google may alter lengths dynamically and include core keywords in titles and descriptions.

Add Customer Reviews And Ratings:

Display genuine user reviews and ratings to build trust with online shoppers. Utilize trust badges from platforms like TrustPilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp. 

Google's trusted store badge, awarded for fast shipping, excellent customer service, and high ratings, is a significant advantage for eCommerce businesses. Enhance your credibility and attract more customers using keywords.

Prioritize E-E.A.T Score:

Improve your website's E-A-T Score (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) to boost Google rankings and avoid being labelled as spam. Recent online scams have made consumers cautious, prompting Google to prioritize trustworthy sites. Showcase expertise through quality content, like blog articles and SEO-optimized pages, to build credibility and gain customer trust.

Don't Forget The Role of Images:

Optimizing images for SEO is crucial beyond Google Images. Google confirms that well-optimized images boost web search rankings. ALT text, a Google ranking factor, aids understanding. These simple practices significantly enhance SEO without much effort.

Edit The Existing Content:

Keep your content fresh for better Google rankings. Old content loses appeal over time, affecting organic traffic. Additionally, track your site's performance on free tools. Use the Top Pages report, set the comparison mode to the Previous Year, sort by traffic change, and update where freshness is lacking. 

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

Improve user experience by making your website mobile-friendly. Use responsive design, improve site speed, and prioritize easy navigation. This boosts search rankings, draws more organic traffic, and enhances satisfaction. Clear and intuitive navigation is key to helping users find information quickly, improving overall user experience and search rankings.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors:

Spy on competitors for fresh ideas. Check their top pages. For instance, a rival's guide to Shopify SEO attracts traffic. Use Competitive Analysis: input your domain, add competitors, and hit Compare. Uncover keywords your rivals rank for that you don't. Identify content gaps.

Utilize Core Web Vitals:

Improve your website's user experience with Core Web Vitals (CWV). Google's latest SEO trends focus on metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, Cumulative Layout Shift and Interaction to The Next Paint. 

Boosting page speed, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS use, and minimizing pop-ups enhances the experience, leading to better rankings and increased conversions. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights and Test My Site for optimization.

Work On Link Building:

Invest in link building for better Google rankings. Create quality, unique content for valuable links. Use outreach, like guest posting, and analyze competitors for linking opportunities. 

Focus on quality over quantity. Diversify link types and anchor text for a natural backlink profile. Periodically audit to align with SEO goals. Also, enhance content with visuals.

Optimize Website Structure:

Check that the layout of your website is clear and well-structured. Use a clear hierarchy of pages and internal connections to make your website's structure easier for search engines to grasp. It will make your website more search engine and consumer-friendly, which will lead to a high SERP ranking. 

Benefits Of Content Advertisement:

Content marketing involves creating valuable material to engage your audience, boost website visits, and enhance search engine rankings. Blogging, with optimized posts and social media promotion, attracts organic traffic. 

Covering key topics in-depth, Cornerstone content establishes your site as a reliable information source. Shareable content, like infographics and videos, encourages social sharing, building an online presence and attracting organic traffic. Success lies in informative content that resonates with your audience.


Therefore, this blog explains the top tricks to improve Webflow store search engine ranking. By practicing these SEO techniques, you can boost your store's performance. 

Also, to avoid any issues, and if you are looking for an Ecommerce SEO expert, take advantage of MakkPress Technologies, an e-commerce marketing agency that works primarily to boost website traffic through SEO and digital marketing. MakkPress Technologies has more than 10+ years of experience and expertise in enhancing a brand's search engine visibility.


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