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Top SEO Techniques For BigCommerce Users

Updated: 4 days ago

Top SEO Techniques For BigCommerce Users

BigCommerce is a tool to make online stores, letting businesses sell things on the internet. BigCommerce is a well-known eCommerce platform that provides extensive features and become the choice of millions of brands. SEO is super important for these stores. It makes the store show up higher when people search online. Good SEO brings more visitors, which means more sales. Using the right words and making the website easy for customers helps BigCommerce stores get noticed and grow their business. SEO is like a guide that leads more people to the online store, making it successful.

By hiring BigCommerce SEO experts, you can create a customized SEO strategy for your business. Additionally, in this blog, we will explore the multiple SEO strategies for BigCommerce stores. 

How To Improve BigCommerce Store Ranking?

Optimize your product titles

Make your product titles count on your BigCommerce store. When customers visit, the first thing they notice is the product titles. Optimize them by being clear and descriptive. Instead of a generic "dress," go for something specific like "summer dress." This not only provides clarity but also includes important keywords. This simple change can greatly help attract the right audience and make a positive first impression in the digital world.

Improve site speed

In our fast world, everyone wants things fast, especially online shoppers. If your store takes too long to load, you might lose sales. So, what's the fix? Make it faster. Compress image sizes, cut down on unnecessary stuff, and streamline your website. A quicker site means happier users and more sales. And guess what? Search engines like fast sites, too. So, go into BigCommerce settings, fix your images, and make your store speedy.

Enhance Your Product Visibility with Rich Snippets

Boost your online store's visibility with rich snippets, they are like movie trailers for your products. These snippets showcase star ratings, prices, and reviews, helping potential customers make quicker decisions. By providing more information in search results, rich snippets increase click-through rates. BigCommerce supports rich snippets, so take advantage! Elevate your products and attract more clicks by giving them the spotlight they deserve.

Register With Google Search Console

Make your BigCommerce store SEO-friendly by registering it with Google Search Console. This step is crucial for monitoring and improving search performance. It helps fix server errors, loading problems, and security issues. To add your store, create a Google Search Console account. For detailed instructions, click here. Boost your online visibility and ensure a smoother experience for your customers.

Send your website's sitemap to Google

After signing up, send your website's sitemap to Google for indexing. This includes your store's pages, like products, categories, brands, and blogs. It guides search engine crawlers to prioritize important pages, improving visibility. Use the XML format, which is widely supported and favored by Bigcommerce. This step helps your site get discovered more effectively.

Ensure your store is mobile-optimized

Make sure your online store works well on phones. In 2021, more than half of the people visited websites using mobiles. Laptops and computers are not as popular. So, to get more people to see your store and improve its search engine ranking, make it mobile-friendly. For a BigCommerce store:

  • Make it load fast on all devices.

  • Choose a mobile-friendly design.

  • Use Google AMP for a better browsing experience. Activate it in your BigCommerce store.

Conduct keyword research

Start by conducting thorough keyword research with effective strategies. Focus on keywords that blend Relevance, Authority, and Volume. This ensures your content aligns with what users are searching for, boosts your site's credibility, and attracts a good amount of traffic. Make keyword research a priority in your SEO plan for optimal results.

Generate informational content

Create great, search-friendly content by going beyond basic product features. Add benefits, tips, and unique selling points to product descriptions. Regularly post industry-related blogs with how-to guides, trends, product uses, and customer stories. Make sure the content is original and valuable. Use images, videos, and infographics to engage users and improve rankings. Maintain a clear, engaging tone for a strong connection. Structure content with headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs for better readability. Encourage customer reviews for authentic content that builds trust and boosts SEO. Regularly update and refresh top-performing content to stay relevant and effective.

Avoid duplicacy

To keep your website in good shape, steer clear of duplicate, thin, and "page not found" content. These can drive users and search engines away. Use canonical tags on your BigCommerce site for duplicate content, guiding search engines to your preferred page version. For thin content, boost it by adding detailed info, FAQs, and user guides. Regularly check and fix 404 errors, redirecting outdated URLs with 301 redirects. Be selective with indexable URLs, emphasizing quality to prevent low-value pages in search engine indexes.

Create proper headings

Using correct page headings is crucial for your website's appearance, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO). Many DIY website builders neglect proper heading usage, resorting to bold or capitalized text. This not only looks unprofessional but also poses challenges for visually impaired users and search engines. For better aesthetics, accessibility, and SEO on platforms like BigCommerce, learn how to apply headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) correctly. Adding headings in BigCommerce is simple – highlight text, choose a heading from the formatting menu, and prioritize H1 with your focus keyword.

Add alt text

To boost your website's SEO, add alt text and optimize file names for images. Search engines consider both when indexing. For BigCommerce, adding alt text to images is crucial. Alt text serves three purposes: aids screen readers for visually impaired users, helps search engines understand context, and provides a description if the image doesn't load. Ensure alt text includes your focus keyword, making it useful for both search engines and screen readers. For BigCommerce static pages, locate the image via Storefront > Web Pages, right-click, choose the 'picture' icon, and edit alt text in the 'Image description' field.

Use clean URLs

It's important to use "clean" URLs, which are recommended by Google for better search results. Clean URLs are short and simple, making them easy to understand instead of complicated ones. In BigCommerce, you can edit pages, blog posts, or product URLs easily. Keep URLs short, include target keywords, and separate multiple keywords with hyphens. Changing URLs of poorly performing pages is advisable, but for high-ranking ones, proceed cautiously. Always create a 301 redirect when changing URLs to maintain social proof and backlinks.

Continuous monitor and analyze your SEO efforts

Regularly checking and adjusting your SEO strategies is super important. Use tools like Google Analytics to see how many people visit your site and what they do there. Keep an eye on your keyword rankings. Check your site's speed with Google PageSpeed Insights to make sure it's fast for users. Use SEO tools to check your backlinks and find new ones. Stay updated on Google's changes and update your strategies. Review your content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of SEO and BigCommerce. By practicing the above-mentioned strategies, you can secure a higher SERP ranking. Also, BigCommerce virtual assistant and SEO experts can help you with this. MakkPress Technologies is a well-known eCommerce marketing and SEO agency specializing in boosting website search engine ranking. 


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